George Jenner
George Jenner
Professor (ret.), Earth Sciences, Memorial University
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ICP-MS—A powerful tool for high-precision trace-element analysis in Earth sciences: Evidence from analysis of selected USGS reference samples
GA Jenner, HP Longerich, SE Jackson, BJ Fryer
Chemical Geology 83 (1-2), 133-148, 1990
Rutile/melt partition coefficients for trace elements and an assessment of the influence of rutile on the trace element characteristics of subduction zone magmas
SF Foley, MG Barth, GA Jenner
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 64 (5), 933-938, 2000
Geochemistry of post-Acadian, Carboniferous continental intraplate basalts from the Maritimes Basin, Magdalen islands, Quebec, Canada
MR La Flèche, G Camire, GA Jenner
Chemical Geology 148 (3-4), 115-136, 1998
Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometric analysis of geological samples: A critical evaluation based on case studies
HP Longerich, GA Jenner, BJ Fryer, SE Jackson
Chemical Geology 83 (1-2), 105-118, 1990
The preparation and preliminary characterisation of eight geological MPI‐DING reference glasses for in‐situ microanalysis
KP Jochum, DB Dingwell, A Rocholl, B Stoll, AW Hofmann, S Becker, ...
Geostandards Newsletter 24 (1), 87-133, 2000
Genesis of ultramafic lamprophyres and carbonatites at Aillik Bay, Labrador: a consequence of incipient lithospheric thinning beneath the North Atlantic craton
S Tappe, SF Foley, GA Jenner, LM Heaman, BA Kjarsgaard, RL Romer, ...
Journal of Petrology 47 (7), 1261-1315, 2006
Crustally contaminated komatiites and basalts from Kambalda, Western Australia
NT Arndt, GA Jenner
Chemical geology 56 (3-4), 229-255, 1986
Geochemical and isotopic (O, Nd, Pb and Sr) constraints on A-type granite petrogenesis based on the Topsails igneous suite, Newfoundland Appalachians
JB Whalen, GA Jenner, FJ Longstaffe, F Robert, C Gariépy
Journal of Petrology 37 (6), 1463-1489, 1996
Trace element partition coefficients for clinopyroxene and phlogopite in an alkaline lamprophyre from Newfoundland by LAM-ICP-MS
SF Foley, SE Jackson, BJ Fryer, JD Greenouch, GA Jenner
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 60 (4), 629-638, 1996
Determination of partition coefficients for trace elements in high pressure-temperature experimental run products by laser ablation microprobe-inductively coupled plasma-mass …
GA Jenner, SF Foley, SE Jackson, TH Green, BJ Fryer, HP Longerich
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 57 (23-24), 5099-5103, 1993
Trace element partitioning in immiscible silicate–carbonate liquid systems: an initial experimental study using a centrifuge autoclave
IV Veksler, C Petibon, GA Jenner, AM Dorfman, DB Dingwell
Journal of Petrology 39 (11-12), 2095-2104, 1998
Trace element geochemistry of igneous rocks: geochemical nomenclature and analytical geochemistry
GA Jenner, DA Wyman
Trace element geochemistry of volcanic rocks: applications for massive …, 1996
Between carbonatite and lamproite—diamondiferous Torngat ultramafic lamprophyres formed by carbonate-fluxed melting of cratonic MARID-type metasomes
S Tappe, SF Foley, BA Kjarsgaard, RL Romer, LM Heaman, A Stracke, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (13), 3258-3286, 2008
Integrating ultramafic lamprophyres into the IUGS classification of igneous rocks: rationale and implications
S Tappe, SF Foley, GA Jenner, BA Kjarsgaard
Journal of Petrology 46 (9), 1893-1900, 2005
Bay of Islands and Little Port complexes, revisited: age, geochemical and isotopic evidence confirm suprasubduction-zone origin
GA Jenner, GR Dunning, J Malpas, M Brown, T Brace
Canadian journal of Earth sciences 28 (10), 1635-1652, 1991
The Sm-Nd age of Kambalda volcanics is 500 Ma too old!
C Chauvel, B Dupré, GA Jenner
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 74 (4), 315-324, 1985
New ideas on the Proterozoic-Early Palaeozoic evolution of NW Iberia: insights from U–Pb detrital zircon ages
J Fernández-Suárez, G Gutiérrez-Alonso, GA Jenner, MN Tubrett
Precambrian Research 102 (3-4), 185-206, 2000
Variscan collisional magmatism and deformation in NW Iberia: constraints from U–Pb geochronology of granitoids
J Fernández-Suárez, GR Dunning, GA Jenner, G GUTIÉRREZ-ALONSO
Journal of the Geological Society 157 (3), 565-576, 2000
Spatial, temporal and geochemical characteristics of Silurian collision-zone magmatism, Newfoundland Appalachians: An example of a rapidly evolving magmatic system related to …
JB Whalen, VJ McNicoll, CR van Staal, CJ Lissenberg, FJ Longstaffe, ...
Lithos 89 (3-4), 377-404, 2006
Experimentally determined partitioning of high field strength-and selected transition elements between spinel and basaltic melt
I Horn, SF Foley, SE Jackson, GA Jenner
Chemical Geology 117 (1-4), 193-218, 1994
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