Vincenza Guarino
Vincenza Guarino
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, dell'Ambiente e delle Risorse, Università di Napoli Federico II
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U–Pb ages, Sr–Nd-isotope geochemistry, and petrogenesis of kimberlites, kamafugites and phlogopite-picrites of the Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, Brazil
V Guarino, FY Wu, M Lustrino, L Melluso, P Brotzu, C de Barros Gomes, ...
Chemical Geology 353, 65-82, 2013
The art of building in the Roman period (89 BC–79 AD): Mortars, plasters and mosaic floors from ancient Stabiae (Naples, Italy)
F Izzo, A Arizzi, P Cappelletti, G Cultrone, A De Bonis, C Germinario, ...
Construction and Building Materials 117, 129-143, 2016
Mineral compositions and petrogenetic evolution of the ultramafic-alkaline–carbonatitic complex of Sung Valley, northeastern India
L Melluso, RK Srivastava, V Guarino, A Zanetti, AK Sinha
The Canadian Mineralogist 48 (1), 205-229, 2010
The crystallization of shoshonitic to peralkaline trachyphonolitic magmas in a H2O–Cl–F-rich environment at Ischia (Italy), with implications for the feeder system of the …
L Melluso, V Morra, V Guarino, R de’Gennaro, L Franciosi, C Grifa
Lithos 210, 242-259, 2014
Beyond Vitruvius: new insight in the technology of Egyptian blue and green frits
C Grifa, L Cavassa, A De Bonis, C Germinario, V Guarino, F Izzo, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (10), 3467-3475, 2016
U–Pb ages, geochemistry, C–O–Nd–Sr–Hf isotopes and petrogenesis of the Catalão II carbonatitic complex (Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, Brazil): implications for regional …
V Guarino, FY Wu, L Melluso, C de Barros Gomes, CCG Tassinari, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 106, 1963-1989, 2017
The ancient pozzolanic mortars of the Thermal complex of Baia (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
C Rispoli, A De Bonis, V Guarino, SF Graziano, C Di Benedetto, ...
Journal of Cultural Heritage 40, 143-154, 2019
The REE- and HFSE-bearing phases in the Itatiaia alkaline complex (Brazil) and geochemical evolution of feldspar-rich felsic melts
L Melluso, V Guarino, M Lustrino, V Morra, R Gennaro
Mineralogical Magazine 81 (2), 217-250, 2017
Distinctive volcanic material for the production of Campana A ware: The workshop area of Neapolis at the Duomo Metro Station in Naples, Italy
A De Bonis, S Febbraro, C Germinario, D Giampaola, C Grifa, V Guarino, ...
Geoarchaeology 31 (6), 437-466, 2016
Magmatism and fenitization in the Cretaceous potassium-alkaline-carbonatitic complex of Ipanema São Paulo State, Brazil
V Guarino, RG Azzone, P Brotzu, C de Barros Gomes, L Melluso, ...
Mineralogy and Petrology 104, 43-61, 2012
Sr-Nd isotopic fingerprinting as a tool for ceramic provenance: Its application on raw materials, ceramic replicas and ancient pottery
A De Bonis, I Arienzo, M D'Antonio, L Franciosi, C Germinario, C Grifa, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 94, 51-59, 2018
Evidence of sub-continental lithospheric mantle sources and open-system crystallization processes from in-situ U–Pb ages and Nd–Sr–Hf isotope geochemistry of the Cretaceous …
RK Srivastava, V Guarino, FY Wu, L Melluso, AK Sinha
Lithos 330, 108-119, 2019
Mineral compositions and magmatic evolution of the calcalkaline rocks of northwestern Sardinia, Italy
V Guarino, L Fedele, L Franciosi, R Lonis, M Lustrino, M Marrazzo, ...
Periodico di Mineralogia 80 (3), 517-545, 2011
C Di Benedetto, SF Graziano, V Guarino, C Rispoli, P Munzi, V Morra, ...
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 18, 131-146, 2018
Mineralogy and magmatic affinity of the Jasra intrusive complex, Shillong Plateau, India
L Melluso, RK Srivastava, CM Petrone, V Guarino, AK Sinha
Mineralogical Magazine 76 (5), 1099-1117, 2012
Archaeometric study on terra sigillata from Cales (Italy)
V Guarino, A De Bonis, C Grifa, A Langella, V Morra, L Pedroni
Periodico di Mineralogia 80 (3), 455-470, 2011
Production and circulation of thin walled pottery from the Roman port of Neapolis, Campania (Italy)
V Guarino, A De Bonis, I Faga, D Giampaola, C Grifa, A Langella, ...
Periodico di Mineralogia 85 (1), 2016
Thin walled pottery from Alife (northern Campania, Italy)
C Grifa, A De Bonis, V Guarino, CM Petrone, C Germinario, M Mercurio, ...
Comparing ceramic technologies: The production of Terra Sigillata in Puteoli and in the Bay of Naples
C Grifa, C Germinario, A De Bonis, A Langella, M Mercurio, F Izzo, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 23, 291-303, 2019
Le strutture e lo scarico di olle del Puntone Nuovo di Scarlino (GR) ei siti costieri specializzati della protostoria mediotirrenica
B Aranguren, MR Cinquegrana, A De Bonis, V Guarino, V Morra
Rivista di scienze preistoriche: LXIV, 2014, 227-258, 2014
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