Thierry Chambert
Thierry Chambert
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Quantitative evidence for the effects of multiple drivers on continental-scale amphibian declines
EHC Grant, DAW Miller, BR Schmidt, MJ Adams, SM Amburgey, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 25625, 2016
Modeling false positive detections in species occurrence data under different study designs
T Chambert, DAW Miller, JD Nichols
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Tracking prospecting movements involved in breeding habitat selection: insights, pitfalls and perspectives
A Ponchon, D Gremillet, B Doligez, T Chambert, T Tveraa, ...
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Accuracy, limitations and cost efficiency of eDNA‐based community survey in tropical frogs
M Bálint, C Nowak, O Márton, SU Pauls, C Wittwer, JL Aramayo, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 18 (6), 1415-1426, 2018
Migration, prospecting, dispersal? What host movement matters for infectious agent circulation?
T Boulinier, S Kada, A Ponchon, M Dupraz, M Dietrich, A Gamble, ...
Integrative and comparative biology 56 (2), 330-342, 2016
Evaluating the demographic buffering hypothesis with vital rates estimated for Weddell seals from 30 years of mark–recapture data
JJ Rotella, WA Link, T Chambert, GE Stauffer, RA Garrott
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Individual heterogeneity in reproductive rates and cost of reproduction in a long‐lived vertebrate
T Chambert, JJ Rotella, MD Higgs, RA Garrott
Ecology and Evolution 3 (7), 2047-2060, 2013
Heterogeneous responses of temperate-zone amphibian populations to climate change complicates conservation planning
E Muths, T Chambert, BR Schmidt, DAW Miller, BR Hossack, P Joly, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 17102, 2017
An analytical framework for estimating aquatic species density from environmental DNA
T Chambert, DS Pilliod, CS Goldberg, H Doi, T Takahara
Ecology and evolution 8 (6), 3468-3477, 2018
A new framework for analysing automated acoustic species detection data: Occupancy estimation and optimization of recordings post‐processing
T Chambert, JH Waddle, DAW Miller, SC Walls, JD Nichols
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (3), 560-570, 2018
Exposure of black‐legged kittiwakes to Lyme disease spirochetes: dynamics of the immune status of adult hosts and effects on their survival
T Chambert, V Staszewski, E Lobato, R Choquet, C Carrie, KD McCoy, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (5), 986-995, 2012
Use of posterior predictive checks as an inferential tool for investigating individual heterogeneity in animal population vital rates
T Chambert, JJ Rotella, MD Higgs
Ecology and Evolution 4 (8), 1389-1397, 2014
Environmental extremes versus ecological extremes: impact of a massive iceberg on the population dynamics of a high-level Antarctic marine predator
T Chambert, JJ Rotella, RA Garrott
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1747), 4532-4541, 2012
Breeding failure induces large scale prospecting movements in the black-legged kittiwake
A Ponchon, T Chambert, E Lobato, T Tveraa, D Grémillet, T Boulinier
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Testing hypotheses on distribution shifts and changes in phenology of imperfectly detectable species
T Chambert, WL Kendall, JE Hines, JD Nichols, P Pedrini, JH Waddle, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6 (6), 638-647, 2015
An evolutionary perspective on reproductive individual heterogeneity in a marine vertebrate
T Chambert, JJ Rotella, RA Garrott
Journal of Animal Ecology 83 (5), 1158-1168, 2014
Informing recovery in a human-transformed landscape: drought-mediated coexistence alters population trends of an imperiled salamander and invasive predators
BR Hossack, RK Honeycutt, BH Sigafus, E Muths, CL Crawford, TR Jones, ...
Biological Conservation 209, 377-394, 2017
Female Weddell seals show flexible strategies of colony attendance related to varying environmental conditions
T Chambert, JJ Rotella, RA Garrott
Ecology 96 (2), 479-488, 2015
Two‐species occupancy modelling accounting for species misidentification and non‐detection
T Chambert, EHC Grant, DAW Miller, JD Nichols, KP Mulder, AB Brand
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (6), 1468-1477, 2018
A novel application of multi‐event modeling to estimate class segregation in a highly migratory oceanic vertebrate
TK Chapple, T Chambert, PE Kanive, SJ Jorgensen, JJ Rotella, ...
Ecology 97 (12), 3494-3502, 2016
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