Hamish S Greig
Hamish S Greig
School of Biology and Ecology, University of Maine
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Increased temperature variation poses a greater risk to species than climate warming
DA Vasseur, JP DeLong, B Gilbert, HS Greig, CDG Harley, KS McCann, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1779), 20132612, 2014
Warming shifts top-down and bottom-up control of pond food web structure and function
JB Shurin, JL Clasen, HS Greig, P Kratina, PL Thompson
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
Warming modifies trophic cascades and eutrophication in experimental freshwater communities
P Kratina, HS Greig, PL Thompson, TSA Carvalho-Pereira, JB Shurin
Ecology 93 (6), 1421-1430, 2012
A bioenergetic framework for the temperature dependence of trophic interactions
B Gilbert, TD Tunney, KS McCann, JP DeLong, DA Vasseur, V Savage, ...
Ecology letters 17 (8), 902-914, 2014
Warming, eutrophication, and predator loss amplify subsidies between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
HS Greig, P Kratina, PL Thompson, WJ Palen, JS Richardson, JB Shurin
Global Change Biology 18 (2), 504-514, 2012
The body size dependence of trophic cascades
JP DeLong, B Gilbert, JB Shurin, VM Savage, BT Barton, CF Clements, ...
The American Naturalist 185 (3), 354-366, 2015
Predator-induced reduction of freshwater carbon dioxide emissions
TB Atwood, E Hammill, HS Greig, P Kratina, JB Shurin, DS Srivastava, ...
Nature Geoscience 6 (3), 191-194, 2013
Indirect effects of predatory trout on organic matter processing in detritus‐based stream food webs
H S. Greig, A R. McIntosh
Oikos 112 (1), 31-40, 2006
A new framework for selecting environmental surrogates
D Lindenmayer, J Pierson, P Barton, M Beger, C Branquinho, A Calhoun, ...
Science of the Total Environment 538, 1029-1038, 2015
Heavy metals: confounding factors in the response of New Zealand freshwater fish assemblages to natural and anthropogenic acidity
HS Greig, DK Niyogi, KL Hogsden, PG Jellyman, JS Harding
Science of the Total Environment 408 (16), 3240-3250, 2010
Impacts of introduced brown and rainbow trout on benthic invertebrate communities in shallow New Zealand lakes
SA Wissinger, AR McIntosh, HS Greig
Freshwater Biology 51 (11), 2009-2028, 2006
Absence of species replacements between permanent and temporary lentic communities in New Zealand
SA Wissinger, H Greig, A McIntosh
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28 (1), 12-23, 2009
Habitat size influences food web structure in drying streams
PA McHugh, RM Thompson, HS Greig, HJ Warburton, AR McIntosh
Ecography 38, 700-712, 2015
Top‐down and bottom‐up influences on populations of a stream detritivore
AR Mcintosh, HS Greig, SA Mcmurtrie, PER Nystrøm, MJ Winterbourn
Freshwater Biology 50 (7), 1206-1218, 2005
Nonlinear effects of consumer density on multiple ecosystem processes
AJ Klemmer, SA Wissinger, HS Greig, ML Ostrofsky
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (4), 770-780, 2012
Top‐down control of prey increases with drying disturbance in ponds: a consequence of non‐consumptive interactions?
HS Greig, SA Wissinger, AR McIntosh
Journal of Animal Ecology 82 (3), 598-607, 2013
Meta‐community theory and stream restoration: evidence that spatial position constrains stream invertebrate communities in a mine impacted landscape
JAJ Kitto, DP Gray, HS Greig, DK Niyogi, JS Harding
Restoration ecology 23 (3), 284-291, 2015
Vertical stratification in the spatial distribution of the beech scale insect (Ultracoelostoma assimile) in Nothofagus tree canopies in New Zealand
CW Wardhaugh, TJ Blakely, H Greig, PD Morris, A Barnden, S Rickard, ...
Ecological Entomology 31 (2), 185-195, 2006
Capacity to support predators scales with habitat size
AR McIntosh, PA McHugh, MJ Plank, PG Jellyman, HJ Warburton, ...
Science advances 4 (7), eaap7523, 2018
Reinforcing abiotic and biotic time constraints facilitate the broad distribution of a generalist with fixed traits
HS Greig, SA Wissinger
Ecology 91 (3), 836-846, 2010
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