Emanuela Fanelli
Emanuela Fanelli
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Ecological variables for developing a global deep-ocean monitoring and conservation strategy
R Danovaro, E Fanelli, J Aguzzi, D Billett, L Carugati, C Corinaldesi, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (2), 181-192, 2020
An ecosystem-based deep-ocean strategy
R Danovaro, J Aguzzi, E Fanelli, D Billett, K Gjerde, A Jamieson, ...
Science 355 (6324), 452-454, 2017
Tracking fish abundance by underwater image recognition
S Marini, E Fanelli, V Sbragaglia, E Azzurro, J Del Rio Fernandez, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 13748, 2018
Climate change, biological invasions, and the shifting distribution of Mediterranean fishes: A large‐scale survey based on local ecological knowledge
E Azzurro, V Sbragaglia, J Cerri, M Bariche, L Bolognini, J Ben Souissi, ...
Global change biology 25 (8), 2779-2792, 2019
New high-tech flexible networks for the monitoring of deep-sea ecosystems
J Aguzzi, D Chatzievangelou, S Marini, E Fanelli, R Danovaro, S Flögel, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (12), 6616-6631, 2019
Food web structure of the epibenthic and infaunal invertebrates on the Catalan slope (NW Mediterranean): Evidence from δ13C and δ15N analysis
E Fanelli, V Papiol, JE Cartes, P Rumolo, C Brunet, M Sprovieri
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 58 (1), 98-109, 2011
The distribution of megabenthic, invertebrate epifauna in the Balearic Basin (western Mediterranean) between 400 and 2300 m: Environmental gradients influencing assemblages …
JE Cartes, F Maynou, E Fanelli, C Romano, V Mamouridis, V Papiol
Journal of Sea Research 61 (4), 244-257, 2009
Resource partitioning among early colonizing Siganus luridus and native herbivorous fish in the Mediterranean: an integrated study based on gut-content analysis and stable …
E Azzurro, E Fanelli, E Mostarda, M Catra, F Andaloro
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 87 (4 …, 2007
Food web structure of deep-sea macrozooplankton and micronekton off the Catalan slope: insight from stable isotopes
E Fanelli, JE Cartes, V Papiol
Journal of Marine Systems 87 (1), 79-89, 2011
Dynamics of suprabenthos-zooplankton communities around the Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean): influence of environmental variables and effects on the biological cycle …
JE Cartes, T Madurell, E Fanelli, JL López-Jurado
Journal of Marine Systems 71 (3-4), 316-335, 2008
Monitoring the Prestige oil spill impacts on some key species of the Northern Iberian shelf
F Sánchez, F Velasco, JE Cartes, I Olaso, I Preciado, E Fanelli, A Serrano, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 53 (5-7), 332-349, 2006
Food web structure and seasonality of slope megafauna in the NW Mediterranean elucidated by stable isotopes: relationship with available food sources
V Papiol, JE Cartes, E Fanelli, P Rumolo
Journal of Sea Research 77, 53-69, 2013
Food-web structure and trophodynamics of mesopelagic–suprabenthic bathyal macrofauna of the Algerian Basin based on stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen
E Fanelli, JE Cartes, P Rumolo, M Sprovieri
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 56 (9), 1504-1520, 2009
Feeding habits of blackmouth catshark Galeus melastomus Rafinesque, 1810 and velvet belly lantern shark Etmopterus spinax (Linnaeus, 1758) in the western …
E Fanelli, J Rey, P Torres, L Gil de Sola
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 25, 83-93, 2009
Trophic webs of deep-sea megafauna on mainland and insular slopes of the NW Mediterranean: a comparison by stable isotope analysis
E Fanelli, V Papiol, JE Cartes, P Rumolo, C López-Pérez
Marine Ecology Progress Series 490, 199-221, 2013
Long-term changes in the composition and diversity of deep-slope megabenthos and trophic webs off Catalonia (western Mediterranean): are trends related to climatic oscillations?
JE Cartes, F Maynou, E Fanelli, V Papiol, D Lloris
Progress in Oceanography 82 (1), 32-46, 2009
Decapod crustacean assemblages off the West coast of central Italy (western Mediterranean)
E Fanelli, F Colloca, G Ardizzone
Scientia Marina 71 (1), 19-28, 2007
Sewage pollution impact on Mediterranean rocky-reef fish assemblages
E Azzurro, M Matiddi, E Fanelli, P Guidetti, G La Mesa, A Scarpato, ...
Marine Environmental Research 69 (5), 390-397, 2010
Isotopic composition of carbon and nitrogen of suprabenthic fauna in the NW Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean)
T Madurell, E Fanelli, JE Cartes
Journal of Marine Systems 71 (3-4), 336-345, 2008
Feeding habits of pandalid shrimps in the Alboran Sea (SW Mediterranean): influence of biological and environmental factors
E Fanelli, JE Cartes
Marine Ecology Progress Series 280, 227-238, 2004
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