Steven Hancock
Steven Hancock
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The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation: High-resolution laser ranging of the Earth’s forests and topography
R Dubayah, JB Blair, S Goetz, L Fatoyinbo, M Hansen, S Healey, ...
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Doses of neighborhood nature: the benefits for mental health of living with nature
DTC Cox, DF Shanahan, HL Hudson, KE Plummer, GM Siriwardena, ...
BioScience 67 (2), 147-155, 2017
Doses of Nearby Nature Simultaneously Associated with Multiple Health Benefits
DTC Cox, DF Shanahan, HL Hudson, RA Fuller, K Anderson, S Hancock, ...
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Biomass estimation from simulated GEDI, ICESat-2 and NISAR across environmental gradients in Sonoma County, California
L Duncanson, A Neuenschwander, S Hancock, N Thomas, T Fatoyinbo, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 242, 111779, 2020
The GEDI Simulator: A Large‐Footprint Waveform Lidar Simulator for Calibration and Validation of Spaceborne Missions
S Hancock, J Armston, M Hofton, X Sun, H Tang, LI Duncanson, ...
Earth and Space Science 6 (2), 294-310, 2019
Aboveground Biomass Density Models for NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Lidar Mission
L Duncanson, JR Kellner, J Armston, R Dubayah, DM Minor, S Hancock, ...
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The impact of land use/land cover scale on modelling urban ecosystem services
JAH Darren R. Grafius, Ron Corstanje, Philip H. Warren, Karl L. Evans ...
Landscape Ecology, pp 1-14, 2016
Simulating the impact of discrete-return lidar system and survey characteristics over young conifer and broadleaf forests
MI Disney, V Kalogirou, P Lewis, A Prieto-Blanco, S Hancock, M Pfeifer
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Fusing simulated GEDI, ICESat-2 and NISAR data for regional aboveground biomass mapping
CA Silva, L Duncanson, S Hancock, A Neuenschwander, N Thomas, ...
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Measurement of fine-spatial-resolution 3D vegetation structure with airborne waveform lidar: Calibration and validation with voxelised terrestrial lidar
S Hancock, K Anderson, M Disney, KJ Gaston
Remote Sensing of Environment 188, 37-50, 2017
Characterizing global forest canopy cover distribution using spaceborne lidar
H Tang, J Armston, S Hancock, S Marselis, S Goetz, R Dubayah
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GEDI launches a new era of biomass inference from space
R Dubayah, J Armston, SP Healey, JM Bruening, PL Patterson, JR Kellner, ...
Environmental Research Letters 17 (9), 095001, 2022
Evaluating global snow water equivalent products for testing land surface models
S Hancock, R Baxter, J Evans, B Huntley
Remote Sensing of Environment 128, 107-117, 2013
Towards mapping the diversity of canopy structure from space with GEDI
FD Schneider, A Ferraz, S Hancock, LI Duncanson, RO Dubayah, ...
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Variation in experiences of nature across gradients of tree cover in compact and sprawling cities
DF Shanahan, DTC Cox, RA Fuller, S Hancock, BB Lin, K Anderson, ...
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Improved forest height estimation by fusion of simulated GEDI Lidar data and TanDEM-X InSAR data
W Qi, SK Lee, S Hancock, S Luthcke, H Tang, J Armston, R Dubayah
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Waveform lidar over vegetation: An evaluation of inversion methods for estimating return energy
S Hancock, J Armston, Z Li, R Gaulton, P Lewis, M Disney, FM Danson, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 164, 208-224, 2015
Characterising forest gap fraction with terrestrial lidar and photography: An examination of relative limitations
S Hancock, R Essery, T Reid, J Carle, R Baxter, N Rutter, B Huntley
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Is waveform worth it? A comparison of LiDAR approaches for vegetation and landscape characterization
K Anderson, S Hancock, M Disney, KJ Gaston
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 2 (1), 5-15, 2016
Is waveform worth it? A comparison of LiDAR approaches for vegetation and landscape characterization
K Anderson, S Hancock, M Disney, KJ Gaston
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 2 (1), 5-15, 2016
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