Senior Lecturer, Soil Science, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
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Morphological, physiochemical and clay mineralogical properties of soils overlaying basement complex rocks in Ilorin East, Nigeria
JA Ogunwale, JO Olaniyan, MO Aduloju
Moor Journal of Agricultural Research 3 (2), 147-154, 2002
Effect of sawmill wastes, Animal Manure and NPK fertilizer on the performance of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) on an Alfisol
MO Aduloju, OB Fawole, AJ Abubakar, JO Olaniyan
Department of Agronomy, University of Ilorin–Nigeria, 17-25, 2010
The characteristics and suitability of the soils of some major cocoa growing areas of Nigeria: Tung lga of Cross River
GA Ajiboye, JO Jaiyeoba, JO Olaniyan, AO Olaiya
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The use of parkia husk and melon wastes as soil amendments
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An evaluation of the soil map of Nigeria: II. Purity of mapping unit
JO Olaniyan, AO Ogunkunle
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An Evaluation of the soil map of Nigeria for land use planning in Kwara State
JO Olaniyan
A Ph. D thesis Dept of Agronomy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 2003
Suitability evaluation of the University of Ilorin farmland for cowpea
JA Ogunwale, JO Olaniyan, MO Aduloju
Journal of Crop Resources 37 (1, 2, 3), 34-39, 2009
Assessment of land use pattern and land form on selected physic-chemical properties of soils developed on basement complex –sedimentary transitional zone of Southwestern Nigeria.
GA Ajiboye, JO Olaniyan, C Bosiako, OO Oyetunde
Nigeria Journal of soil Science., 2014
Characteristics, Classification and Management of Soils of Kampe-Omi River Basin, Kogi State
GA Ajiboye, JO Olaniyan, MO Bakare
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Characteristics and suitability evaluation of the “White Soils” of Etung Local Government Area for oil palm and plantain production
GA Ajiboye, JO Olaniyan
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Characterization, classifica-tion and agricultural potentials of some selected soils of Kwara State, Nigeria
JO Olaniyan
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An evaluation of the soil map of Nigeria: I. cartographic accuracy
JO Olaniyan, AO Ogunkunle
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An assessment of the accuracy of soil map of Kwara state, Nigeria.
JO Olaniyan, AO Ogunkunle
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Prediction Models for Water Erosion Risk Management: A Review
HE Ahamefule, FO Fatola, JO Olaniyan, MS Amana, EK Eifediyi, E Ihem, ...
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 22 (9), 1389-1396, 2018
Effect of Irrigation Water Quality on Soil Structure Along Asa River Bank, Ilorin Kwara State
ON Ajala, JO Olaniyan, K Affinnih, HE Ahamefule
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 3 (1), 34-47, 2018
Soil Properties and Land-Use Influence on Weed Occurrence in the Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria.
J Olaniyan, T Isimikalu, K Affinnih, H Ahamefule, G Ajiboye, O Ajala
Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 17 (1), 2018
Effect of slope and depth on soil chemical properties of a typical alfisol
NB Anwanane, KO Affinnih, JO Olaniyan
Poljoprivreda 23 (2), 3-9, 2017
Effects of spent engine oil contamination on soybean (Glycine max L. Merril) in an Ultisol
HE Ahamefule, JO Olaniyan, SM Amana, EK Eifediyi, E Ihem, ...
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 21 (3), 421-428, 2017
The assessment of water quality for irrigation and sediment along Asa river
ON Ajala, JO Olaniyan, HE Ahamefule, K Affinnih
Agrosearch 15 (2), 21-30, 2015
Soil Survey And Land Evaluation Studies Of A Proposed Irrigation Project Site At Ejigbo Dam, Ejigbo, Osun State, Nigeria
MO Aduloju, JO Olaniyan, OTV Adebiyi, MS Afolabi
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