José F. Salmerón
José F. Salmerón
PhD Researcher
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Properties and printability of inkjet and screen-printed silver patterns for RFID antennas
JF Salmerón, F Molina-Lopez, D Briand, JJ Ruan, A Rivadeneyra, ...
Journal of electronic materials 43, 604-617, 2014
Design and characterization of a low thermal drift capacitive humidity sensor by inkjet-printing
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernández-Salmerón, M Agudo, JA López-Villanueva, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 195, 123-131, 2014
Inkjet printing and photonic sintering of silver and copper oxide nanoparticles for ultra-low-cost conductive patterns
A Albrecht, A Rivadeneyra, A Abdellah, P Lugli, JF Salmerón
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (16), 3546-3554, 2016
A novel electrode structure compared with interdigitated electrodes as capacitive sensor
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernández-Salmerón, J Banqueri, JA López-Villanueva, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 204, 552-560, 2014
Screen printed flexible radiofrequency identification tag for oxygen monitoring
A Martínez-Olmos, J Fernández-Salmerón, N Lopez-Ruiz, ...
Analytical chemistry 85 (22), 11098-11105, 2013
Passive UHF RFID tag with multiple sensing capabilities
J Fernández-Salmerón, A Rivadeneyra, F Martínez-Martí, ...
Sensors 15 (10), 26769-26782, 2015
Printed electrodes structures as capacitive humidity sensors: A comparison
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernández-Salmerón, M Agudo-Acemel, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 244, 56-65, 2016
Fully printed flexible single-chip RFID tag with light detection capabilities
A Falco, JF Salmerón, FC Loghin, P Lugli, A Rivadeneyra
Sensors 17 (3), 534, 2017
HF RFID tag as humidity sensor: Two different approaches
J Fernandez-Salmeron, A Rivadeneyra, MAC Rodríguez, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (10), 5726-5733, 2015
Design and development of sensing RFID Tags on flexible foil compatible with EPC Gen 2
JF Salmerón, F Molina-Lopez, A Rivadeneyra, AV Quintero, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 14 (12), 4361-4371, 2014
Integration of a thin film PDMS-based capacitive sensor for tactile sensing in an electronic skin
S El-Molla, A Albrecht, E Cagatay, P Mittendorfer, G Cheng, P Lugli, ...
Journal of Sensors 2016, 2016
A printed capacitive–resistive double sensor for toluene and moisture sensing
A Rivadeneyra, J Fernandez-Salmeron, M Agudo-Acemel, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 210, 542-549, 2015
Printed single-chip UHF passive radio frequency identification tags with sensing capability
JF Salmerón, A Rivadeneyra, M Agudo-Acemel, LF Capitán-Vallvey, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 220, 281-289, 2014
Cellulose nanofibers as substrate for flexible and biodegradable moisture sensors
A Rivadeneyra, A Marin-Sanchez, B Wicklein, JF Salmeron, E Castillo, ...
Composites Science and Technology 208, 108738, 2021
Passive UHF RFID tag for multispectral assessment
P Escobedo, MA Carvajal, LF Capitán-Vallvey, J Fernández-Salmerón, ...
Sensors 16 (7), 1085, 2016
Next Generation Antennas Based on Screen‐Printed and Transparent Silver Nanowire Films
Y Goliya, A Rivadeneyra, JF Salmeron, A Albrecht, J Mock, M Haider, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 7 (21), 1900995, 2019
Towards low-power electronics: Self-recovering and flexible gas sensors
A Falco, A Rivadeneyra, FC Loghin, JF Salmeron, P Lugli, A Abdelhalim
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (16), 7107-7113, 2018
Measuring the colour of virgin olive oils in a new colour scale using a low-cost portable electronic device
JF Salmerón, L Gómez-Robledo, MÁ Carvajal, R Huertas, MJ Moyano, ...
Journal of food engineering 111 (2), 247-254, 2012
Comparison of fabrication techniques for flexible UHF RFID tag antennas [wireless corner]
R Colella, A Rivadeneyra, AJ Palma, L Tarricone, LF Capitan-Vallvey, ...
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine 59 (5), 159-168, 2017
Screen-printed chipless wireless temperature sensor
A Albrecht, JF Salmeron, M Becherer, P Lugli, A Rivadeneyra
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (24), 12011-12015, 2019
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