Paul Chippindale
Paul Chippindale
Professor of Biology, University of Texas Arlington
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Weighting, partitioning, and combining characters in phylogenetic analysis
PT Chippindale, JJ Wiens
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Patterns of postzygotic isolation in frogs
MM Sasa, PT Chippindale, NA Johnson
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When are phylogenetic analyses misled by convergence? A case study in Texas cave salamanders
JJ Wiens, PT Chippindale, DM Hillis
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Comparative phylogeography of pitvipers suggests a consensus of ancient Middle American highland biogeography
TA Castoe, JM Daza, EN Smith, MM Sasa, U Kuch, JA Campbell, ...
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Dispersal and vicariance: the complex evolutionary history of boid snakes
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Vicariant origin of Malagasy reptiles supports Late Cretaceous Antarctic land bridge
BP Noonan, PT Chippindale
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Rapid diversification, incomplete isolation, and the “speciation clock” in North American salamanders (genus Plethodon): testing the hybrid swarm hypothesis of rapid radiation
JJ Wiens, TN Engstrom, PT Chippindale
Evolution 60 (12), 2585-2603, 2006
Phylogeny of Frogs of the Physalaemus Pustulosus Species Group, With an Examination of Data Incongruence
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Multigene phylogenetic analysis of pitvipers, with comments on their biogeography
CL Parkinson, JA Campbell, PT Chippindale, G Schuett
Biology of the Vipers 9, 3-110, 2002
Evolution of the Schlafen genes, a gene family associated with embryonic lethality, meiotic drive, immune processes and orthopoxvirus virulence
O Bustos, S Naik, G Ayers, C Casola, MA Perez-Lamigueiro, ...
Gene 447 (1), 1-11, 2009
Phylogenetic relationships of North American Damselflies of the GenusIschnura (Odonata: Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae) based on sequences of three mitochondrial genes
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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 11 (1), 110-121, 1999
Speciation, phylogeography and evolution of life history and morphology in plethodontid salamanders of the Eurycea multiplicata complex
RM Bonett, PT Chippindale
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A new species of subterranean blind salamander (Plethodontidae: Hemidactyliini: Eurycea: Typhlomolge) from Austin, Texas, and a systematic revision of central Texas …
DM Hillis, DA Chamberlain, TP Wilcox, PT Chippindale
Herpetologica, 266-280, 2001
Systematics of pythons of the Morelia amethistina complex (Serpentes: Boidae) with the description of three new species
MB Harvey, DG Barker, LK Ammerman, PT Chippindale
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A new species of perennibranchiate salamander (Eurycea: Plethodontidae) from Austin, Texas
PT Chippindale, AH Price, DM Hillis
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Nuclear–mitochondrial discordance and gene flow in a recent radiation of toads
BE Fontenot, R Makowsky, PT Chippindale
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 59 (1), 66-80, 2011
Evolution of paedomorphosis in plethodontid salamanders: ecological correlates and re‐evolution of metamorphosis
RM Bonett, MA Steffen, SM Lambert, JJ Wiens, PT Chippindale
Evolution 68 (2), 466-482, 2014
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