R J Raison
R J Raison
Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO
Потвърден имейл адрес: csiro.au
Critical analysis of root: shoot ratios in terrestrial biomes
K Mokany, RJ Raison, AS Prokushkin
Global change biology 12 (1), 84-96, 2006
Modification of the soil environment by vegetation fires, with particular reference to nitrogen transformations: a review
RJ Raison
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Methodology for studying fluxes of soil mineral-N in situ
RJ Raison, MJ Connell, PK Khanna
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Foliage, fine-root, woody-tissue and stand respiration in Pinus radiata in relation to nitrogen status
MG Ryan, RM Hubbard, S Pongracic, RJ Raison, RE McMurtrie
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Formation, transformation and transport of black carbon (charcoal) in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
MS Forbes, RJ Raison, JO Skjemstad
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Mechanisms of element transfer to the atmosphere during vegetation fires
RJ Raison, PK Khanna, PV Woods
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 15 (1), 132-140, 1985
Effects of soil phosphorus availability, temperature and moisture on soil respiration in Eucalyptus pauciflora forest
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Protocol for sampling tree and stand biomass
P Snowdon, RJ Raison, H Keith, P Ritson, P Grierson, M Adams, ...
Canberra, Australian Greenhouse Office, 2002
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PK Khanna, RJ Raison, RA Falkiner
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RJ Raison, PK Khanna, PV Woods
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PK Khanna, RJ Raison
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The effect of fire on carbon and nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in an Australian forest soil
J Bauhus, PK Khanna, RJ Raison
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J Romanya, PK Khanna, RJ Raison
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An assessment of biomass for bioelectricity and biofuel, and for greenhouse gas emission reduction in A ustralia
DR Farine, DA O'Connell, R John Raison, BM May, MH O'Connor, ...
Gcb Bioenergy 4 (2), 148-175, 2012
Development and testing of allometric equations for estimating above-ground biomass of mixed-species environmental plantings
KI Paul, SH Roxburgh, JR England, P Ritson, T Hobbs, K Brooksbank, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 310, 483-494, 2013
Soil temperatures during and following low-intensity prescribed burning in a Eucalyptus pauciflora forest
RJ Raison, PV Woods, BF Jakobsen, GAV Bary
Soil Research 24 (1), 33-47, 1986
Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management
RJ Raison, AG Brown, DW Flinn
CABI Pub. 7, 215-258, 2001
Modelling forest response to increasing CO2 concentration under nutrient‐limited conditions
MUF Kirschbaum, DA King, HN Comins, RE McMurtrie, BE Medlyn, ...
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The biology of forest growth experiment: linking water and nitrogen availability to the growth of Pinus radiata
RJ Raison, BJ Myers
Forest Ecology and Management 52 (1-4), 279-308, 1992
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