Tao Zhou
Tao Zhou
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Characteristics of unintentional movements by a multijoint effector
T Zhou, L Zhang, ML Latash
Journal of motor behavior 47 (4), 352-361, 2015
Deep learning of biomimetic sensorimotor control for biomechanical human animation
M Nakada, T Zhou, H Chen, T Weiss, D Terzopoulos
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 37 (4), 1-15, 2018
Unintentional movements produced by back-coupling between the actual and referent body configurations: violations of equifinality in multi-joint positional tasks
T Zhou, S Solnik, YH Wu, ML Latash
Experimental brain research 232, 3847-3859, 2014
Adaptive recurrent neural network control of uncertain constrained nonholonomic mobile manipulators
ZP Wang, T Zhou, Y Mao, QJ Chen
International Journal of Systems Science 45 (2), 133-144, 2014
Learning to sketch with deep q networks and demonstrated strokes
T Zhou, C Fang, Z Wang, J Yang, B Kim, Z Chen, J Brandt, D Terzopoulos
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.05977, 2018
Anticipatory synergy adjustments: preparing a quick action in an unknown direction
T Zhou, YH Wu, A Bartsch, C Cuadra, VM Zatsiorsky, ML Latash
Experimental brain research 226, 565-573, 2013
Intentional and unintentional multi-joint movements: their nature and structure of variance
T Zhou, L Zhang, ML Latash
Neuroscience 289, 181-193, 2015
Equifinality and its violations in a redundant system: control with referent configurations in a multi-joint positional task
T Zhou, S Solnik, YH Wu, ML Latash
Motor Control 18 (4), 405-424, 2014
Moving a hand-held object: Reconstruction of referent coordinate and apparent stiffness trajectories
S Ambike, T Zhou, VM Zatsiorsky, ML Latash
Neuroscience 298, 336-356, 2015
Attention-based Natural Language Person Retrieval
T Zhou, M Chen, J Yu, D Terzopoulos
arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.08923, 2017
Multi-graph Affinity Embeddings for Multilingual Knowledge Graphs.
M Chen, T Zhou, P Zhou, C Zaniolo
AKBC@ NIPS, 2017
Task-specific stability in muscle activation space during unintentional movements
A Falaki, F Towhidkhah, T Zhou, ML Latash
Experimental brain research 232, 3645-3658, 2014
Amazon shop the look: A visual search system for fashion and home
M Du, A Ramisa, AK KC, S Chanda, M Wang, N Rajesh, S Li, Y Hu, ...
Proceedings of the 28th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and …, 2022
Unintentional changes in the apparent stiffness of the multi-joint limb
T Zhou, VM Zatsiorsky, ML Latash
Experimental brain research 233, 2989-3004, 2015
Biomimetic eye modeling & deep neuromuscular oculomotor control.
M Nakada, A Lakshmipathy, H Chen, N Ling, T Zhou, D Terzopoulos
ACM Trans. Graph. 38 (6), 221:1-221:14, 2019
Learning to Doodle with Stroke Demonstrations and Deep Q-Networks.
T Zhou, C Fang, Z Wang, J Yang, B Kim, Z Chen, J Brandt, D Terzopoulos
BMVC, 13, 2018
Positional errors introduced by transient perturbations applied to a multi-joint limb
M Qiao, T Zhou, ML Latash
Neuroscience letters 595, 104-107, 2015
Control of an uncertain nonholonomic mobile manipulator based on the Diagonal Recurrent Neural Network
ZP Wang, T Zhou
2011 Chinese control and decision conference (CCDC), 4044-4047, 2011
SwinTransFuse: Fusing swin and multiscale transformers for fine-grained image recognition and retrieval
X Ouyang, T Zhou, R Vidal, A Dhua
Natural language person retrieval
T Zhou, J Yu
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 31 (1), 2017
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