Matthew Shtrahman
Matthew Shtrahman
UCSD School of Medicine
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What is memory? The present state of the engram
M Poo, M Pignatelli, TJ Ryan, S Tonegawa, T Bonhoeffer, KC Martin, ...
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Breakdown of spatial coding and interneuron synchronization in epileptic mice
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Paradox of pattern separation and adult neurogenesis: A dual role for new neurons balancing memory resolution and robustness
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Efficient generation of CA3 neurons from human pluripotent stem cells enables modeling of hippocampal connectivity in vitro
A Sarkar, A Mei, ACM Paquola, S Stern, C Bardy, JR Klug, S Kim, ...
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In vivo imaging of dendritic pruning in dentate granule cells
JT Gonçalves, CW Bloyd, M Shtrahman, ST Johnston, ST Schafer, ...
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Probing vesicle dynamics in single hippocampal synapses
M Shtrahman, C Yeung, DW Nauen, G Bi, X Wu
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Stick-and-diffuse and caged diffusion: a comparison of two models of synaptic vesicle dynamics
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AAV ablates neurogenesis in the adult murine hippocampus
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Two-photon excitation microscopy and its applications in neuroscience
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Breakdown of spatial coding and neural synchronization in epilepsy
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Multifocal fluorescence microscope for fast optical recordings of neuronal action potentials
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Biophysical Journal 108 (3), 520-529, 2015
Pro-regenerative Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel Prevents and Mitigates Pathological Alterations of Pelvic Muscles Following Birth Injury
P Duran, FB Sesillo, L Burnett, SA Menefee, M Cook, G Zazueta-Damian, ...
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Treadmill-based task for assessing spatial memory in head-fixed mice
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Golgi in retrospect: A historiographic examination of contextual influence in tracing the constructs of neuronal organization
L Kruger, TS Otis, M Shtrahman
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AAV-Induced Toxicity in Neural Progenitor Cells within the Adult Murine Hippocampus
S Johnston, S Parylak, S Kim, N Mac, C Lim, I Gallina, C Bloyd, ...
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 86, S278-S278, 2019
Using In Vivo Two-Photon Calcium Imaging to Probe the Dentate Gate Hypothesis of Epilepsy
M Shtrahman, T Tran, SH Kee, B Cooper, JT Stephen, GJ Tiago, FH Gage
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 80, S143-S143, 2016
Multiscale Sample Entropy of 2D Decaying Turbulence
I Kim, M Shtrahman, XL Wu
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Erratum: Probing vesicle dynamics in single hippocampal synapses (Biophysical Journal (2005) 89,(3615-3627))
M Shtrahman, C Yeung, DW Nauen, GQ Bi, XL Wu
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Probing Vesicle Dynamics in Single Synapses
M Shtrahman, C Yeung, G Bi, X Wu
APS March Meeting Abstracts, V22. 010, 2005
Actin binding puts the brakes on vesicle motion: Probing vesicle dynamics in single synapses
M Shtrahman, C Yeung, GQ Bi, XL Wu
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 86 (1), 170A-170A, 2004
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