Shengquan Chen
Shengquan Chen
Associate professor at Nankai University
Потвърден имейл адрес: nankai.edu.cn - Начална страница
Predicting enhancers with deep convolutional neural networks
X Min, W Zeng, S Chen, N Chen, T Chen, R Jiang
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Simultaneous deep generative modelling and clustering of single-cell genomic data
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SilencerDB: a comprehensive database of silencers
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RA3 is a reference-guided approach for epigenetic characterization of single cells
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Cell type annotation of single-cell chromatin accessibility data via supervised Bayesian embedding
X Chen, S Chen, S Song, Z Gao, L Hou, X Zhang, H Lv, R Jiang
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OpenAnnotate: a web server to annotate the chromatin accessibility of genomic regions
S Chen, Q Liu, X Cui, Z Feng, C Li, X Wang, X Zhang, Y Wang, R Jiang
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stPlus: a reference-based method for the accurate enhancement of spatial transcriptomics
S Chen, B Zhang, X Chen, X Zhang, R Jiang
Bioinformatics 37 (Supplement_1), i299-i307, 2021
DeepCAPE: a deep convolutional neural network for the accurate prediction of enhancers
S Chen, M Gan, H Lv, R Jiang
Genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics 19 (4), 565-577, 2021
VPAC: Variational projection for accurate clustering of single-cell transcriptomic data
S Chen, K Hua, H Cui, R Jiang
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EnClaSC: a novel ensemble approach for accurate and robust cell-type classification of single-cell transcriptomes
X Chen, S Chen, R Jiang
BMC bioinformatics 21 (13), 1-16, 2020
EpiFIT: functional interpretation of transcription factors based on combination of sequence and epigenetic information
S Song, H Cui, S Chen, Q Liu, R Jiang
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Unfolding the genotype-to-phenotype black box of cardiovascular diseases through cross-scale modeling
X Xi, H Li, S Chen, T Lv, T Ma, R Jiang, P Zhang, WH Wong, X Zhang
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PAST: latent feature extraction with a Prior-based self-Attention framework for Spatial Transcriptomics
Z Li, X Chen, X Zhang, S Chen, R Jiang
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SIP: An Interchangeable Pipeline for scRNA-seq Data Processing
S Chen, Z Wei, Y Chen, K Hua, W Zhang, C Liu, H Gao, H Sun, Z Wang, ...
bioRxiv, 456772, 2018
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