Khee Poh Lam
Khee Poh Lam
Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University
Потвърден имейл адрес: cmu.edu
An information technology enabled sustainability test-bed (ITEST) for occupancy detection through an environmental sensing network
B Dong, B Andrews, KP Lam, M Höynck, R Zhang, YS Chiou, D Benitez
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Z Zhang, A Chong, Y Pan, C Zhang, KP Lam
Energy and Buildings 199, 472-490, 2019
Occupancy detection through an extensive environmental sensor network in an open-plan office building
KP Lam, M Höynck, B Dong, B Andrews, YS Chiou, R Zhang, D Benitez, ...
A comparative study of the IFC and gbXML informational infrastructures for data exchange in computational design support environments
B Dong, KP Lam, YC Huang, GM Dobbs
Building energy and comfort management through occupant behaviour pattern detection based on a large-scale environmental sensor network
B Dong, KP Lam
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Practical implementation and evaluation of deep reinforcement learning control for a radiant heating system
Z Zhang, KP Lam
Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Systems for Built Environments, 148-157, 2018
A deep reinforcement learning approach to using whole building energy model for hvac optimal control
Z Zhang, A Chong, Y Pan, C Zhang, S Lu, KP Lam
2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild 3, 22-23, 2018
Bayesian calibration of building energy models with large datasets
A Chong, KP Lam, M Pozzi, J Yang
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Coupled EnergyPlus and computational fluid dynamics simulation for natural ventilation
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B Dong, KP Lam, CP Neuman
Performance evaluation of an agent-based occupancy simulation model
X Luo, KP Lam, Y Chen, T Hong
Building and Environment 115, 42-53, 2017
Coupling of whole-building energy simulation and multi-dimensional numerical optimization for minimizing the life cycle costs of office buildings
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EnergyPlus model-based predictive control within design–build–operate energy information modelling infrastructure
J Zhao, KP Lam, BE Ydstie, OT Karaguzel
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 8 (3), 121-134, 2015
An EnergyPlus whole building energy model calibration method for office buildings using occupant behavior data mining and empirical data
KP Lam, J Zhao, EB Ydstie, J Wirick, M Qi, JH Park
ASHRAE Journal, 160-167, 2014
Data-driven model for cross ventilation potential in high-density cities based on coupled CFD simulation and machine learning
C Ding, KP Lam
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Improving evolutionary algorithm performance for integer type multi-objective building system design optimization
W Xu, A Chong, OT Karaguzel, KP Lam
Energy and Buildings 127, 714-729, 2016
EnergyPlus model-based predictive control (EPMPC) by using MATLAB/SIMULINK and MLE+
J Zhao
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