Michael Landsberg
Michael Landsberg
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The BC component of ABC toxins is an RHS-repeat-containing protein encapsulation device
JN Busby, S Panjikar, MJ Landsberg, MRH Hurst, JS Lott
Nature 501 (7468), 547-550, 2013
Structural basis of TIR-domain-assembly formation in MAL-and MyD88-dependent TLR4 signaling
T Ve, PR Vajjhala, A Hedger, T Croll, F DiMaio, S Horsefield, X Yu, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 24 (9), 743-751, 2017
SARM1 is a metabolic sensor activated by an increased NMN/NAD+ ratio to trigger axon degeneration
MD Figley, W Gu, JD Nanson, Y Shi, Y Sasaki, K Cunnea, AK Malde, X Jia, ...
Neuron 109 (7), 1118-1136. e11, 2021
3D structure of the Yersinia entomophaga toxin complex and implications for insecticidal activity
MJ Landsberg, SA Jones, R Rothnagel, JN Busby, SDG Marshall, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (51), 20544-20549, 2011
Can photosynthesis enable a global transition from fossil fuels to solar fuels, to mitigate climate change and fuel-supply limitations?
AK Ringsmuth, MJ Landsberg, B Hankamer
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 62, 134-163, 2016
Structural analysis of the Chi1 chitinase from Yen-Tc, the multi-subunit insecticidal ABC toxin complex of Yersinia entomophaga
JN Busby, MJ Landsberg, R Simpson, SA Jones, B Hankamer, MRH Hurst, ...
Journal of Molecular Biology, 2011
Structure of the dengue virus glycoprotein non-structural protein 1 by electron microscopy and single-particle analysis
DA Muller, MJ Landsberg, C Bletchly, R Rothnagel, L Waddington, ...
Journal of General Virology 93 (4), 771-779, 2012
Three-dimensional structure of AAA ATPase Vps4: advancing structural insights into the mechanisms of endosomal sorting and enveloped virus budding
MJ Landsberg, PR Vajjhala, R Rothnagel, AL Munn, B Hankamer
Structure 17 (3), 427-437, 2009
SwarmPS: Rapid, semi-automated single particle selection software
D Woolford, G Ericksson, R Rothnagel, D Muller, MJ Landsberg, ...
Journal of Structural Biology 157 (1), 174-188, 2007
Bacterial mechanosensitive channels: models for studying mechanosensory transduction
B Martinac, T Nomura, G Chi, E Petrov, PR Rohde, AR Battle, A Foo, ...
Antioxidants & redox signaling 20 (6), 952-969, 2014
The discriminative bilateral filter: an enhanced denoising filter for electron microscopy data
RS Pantelic, R Rothnagel, CY Huang, D Muller, D Woolford, ...
Journal of Structural Biology 155 (3), 395-408, 2006
The MTA1 subunit of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex can recruit two copies of RBBP4/7
JW Schmidberger, M Sharifi Tabar, M Torrado, APG Silva, MJ Landsberg, ...
Protein Science 25 (8), 1472-1482, 2016
Engineering recombinant virus-like nanoparticles from plants for cellular delivery
L Brillault, PV Jutras, N Dashti, EC Thuenemann, G Morgan, ...
ACS nano 11 (4), 3476-3484, 2017
A broadly protective antibody that targets the flavivirus NS1 protein
N Modhiran, H Song, L Liu, C Bletchly, L Brillault, AA Amarilla, X Xu, J Qi, ...
Science 371 (6525), 190-194, 2021
Cryo-EM structures of the pore-forming A subunit from the Yersinia entomophaga ABC toxin
SJ Piper, L Brillault, R Rothnagel, TI Croll, JK Box, I Chassagnon, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-12, 2019
Promiscuous DNA-binding of a mutant zinc finger protein corrupts the transcriptome and diminishes cell viability
KR Gillinder, MD Ilsley, D Nébor, R Sachidanandam, M Lajoie, GW Magor, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (3), 1130-1143, 2017
The nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex has an asymmetric, dynamic, and modular architecture
JKK Low, APG Silva, MS Tabar, M Torrado, SR Webb, BL Parker, M Sana, ...
Cell reports 33 (9), 108450, 2020
Synthesis of nickel-chelating fluorinated lipids for protein monolayer crystallizations
WM Hussein, BP Ross, MJ Landsberg, D Levy, B Hankamer, RP McGeary
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 74 (4), 1473-1479, 2009
Structures of fungal and plant acetohydroxyacid synthases
T Lonhienne, YS Low, MD Garcia, T Croll, Y Gao, Q Wang, L Brillault, ...
Nature 586 (7828), 317-321, 2020
A 3D image filter for parameter-free segmentation of macromolecular structures from electron tomograms
RA Ali, MJ Landsberg, E Knauth, GP Morgan, BJ Marsh, B Hankamer
PLoS One 7 (3), e33697, 2012
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