Richard Hiscott
Richard Hiscott
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Deep-marine environments: clastic sedimentation and tectonics
K Pickering, R Hiscott, FJ Hein
(No Title), 1989
Deep-water facies, processes and models: a review and classification scheme for modern and ancient sediments
K Pickering, D Stow, M Watson, R Hiscott
Earth-Science Reviews 23 (2), 75-174, 1986
The Lusitanian Basin of West-Central Portugal: Mesozoic and Tertiary Tectonic, Stratigraphic, and Subsidence History: Chapter 22: European-African Margins
RCL Wilson, RN Hiscott, MG Willis, FM Gradstein
AAPG Special Volumes 156, 341-361, 1989
Oscillating Quaternary water levels of the Marmara Sea and vigorous outflow into the Aegean Sea from the Marmara Sea–Black Sea drainage corridor
AE Aksu, RN Hiscott, D Yaşar
Marine Geology 153 (1-4), 275-302, 1999
Ophiolitic source rocks for Taconic-age flysch: trace-element evidence
RN Hiscott
Geological Society of America Bulletin 95 (11), 1261-1267, 1984
Contained (reflected) turbidity currents from the Middle Ordovician Cloridorme Formation, Quebec, Canada: an alternative to the antidune hypothesis
KT Pickering, RN Hiscott
Deep‐Water Turbidite Systems, 89-110, 1991
Loss of capacity, not competence, as the fundamental process governing deposition from turbidity currents
RN Hiscott
Journal of Sedimentary Research 64 (2a), 209-214, 1994
Last glacial–Holocene paleoceanography of the Black Sea and Marmara Sea: stable isotopic, foraminiferal and coccolith evidence
AE Aksu, RN Hiscott, MA Kaminski, PJ Mudie, H Gillespie, T Abrajano, ...
Marine Geology 190 (1-2), 119-149, 2002
Persistent Holocene outflow from the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean contradicts Noah's Flood hypothesis
AE Aksu, RN Hiscott, PJ Mudie, A Rochon, M Kaminski, T Abrajano, ...
GSA Today 12 (5), 4-10, 2002
Depositional mechanics of thick-bedded sandstones at the base of a submarine slope, Tourelle Formation (Lower Ordovician), Quebec, Canada
RN Hiscott, GV Middleton
Key future directions for research on turbidity currents and their deposits
PJ Talling, J Allin, DA Armitage, RWC Arnott, MJB Cartigny, MA Clare, ...
Journal of Sedimentary Research 85 (2), 153-169, 2015
Traction-carpet stratification in turbidites; fact or fiction?
RN Hiscott
Journal of sedimentary research 64 (2a), 204-208, 1994
Comparative stratigraphy and subsidence history of Mesozoic rift basins of North Atlantic
RN Hiscott, RCL Wilson, FM Gradstein, V Pujalte, J Garcia-Mondejar, ...
AAPG bulletin 74 (1), 60-76, 1990
Deep marine systems: processes, deposits, environments, tectonics and sedimentation
KT Pickering, RN Hiscott
John Wiley & Sons, 2015
Outcrop‐scale acoustic facies analysis and latest Quaternary development of Hueneme and Dume submarine fans, offshore California
Piper, Hiscott, Normark
Sedimentology 46 (1), 47-78, 1999
Turbidity-current overspill from the Amazon Channel: texture of the silt/sand load, paleoflow from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility, and implications for flow processes
RN Hiscott, FR Hall, C Pirmez
Proceedings-Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 53-78, 1997
Late Glacial to Holocene benthic foraminifera in the Marmara Sea: implications for Black Sea–Mediterranean Sea connections following the last deglaciation
MA Kaminski, A Aksu, M Box, RN Hiscott, S Filipescu, M Al-Salameen
Marine Geology 190 (1-2), 165-202, 2002
Seismic stratigraphy of Late Quaternary deposits from the southwestern Black Sea shelf: evidence for non-catastrophic variations in sea-level during the last∼ 10 000 yr
AE Aksu, RN Hiscott, D Yaşar, FI Işler, S Marsh
Marine Geology 190 (1-2), 61-94, 2002
Anatomy of the North Anatolian Fault Zone in the Marmara Sea, Western Turkey: extensional basins above a continental transform
A Aksu, T Calon, R Hiscott, D YAŞAR
Gsa Today 10 (6), 2000
Sandy turbidite successions at the base of channel-levee systems of the Amazon Fan revealed by FMS logs and cores: Unraveling the facies architecture of large submarine fans
C Pirmez, RN Hiscou, JK Kronen
Proceedings-Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 7-34, 1997
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