Jessica Plucain
Jessica Plucain
Life Sciences Switzerland LS2
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Epistasis and allele specificity in the emergence of a stable polymorphism in Escherichia coli
J Plucain, T Hindré, M Le Gac, O Tenaillon, S Cruveiller, C Médigue, ...
Science 343 (6177), 1366-1369, 2014
Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of coexisting lineages during a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli
M Le Gac, J Plucain, T Hindré, RE Lenski, D Schneider
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (24), 9487-9492, 2012
Using a sequential regimen to eliminate bacteria at sublethal antibiotic dosages
A Fuentes-Hernandez, J Plucain, F Gori, R Pena-Miller, C Reding, ...
PLoS biology 13 (4), e1002104, 2015
A case of adaptation through a mutation in a tandem duplication during experimental evolution in Escherichia coli
RP Maharjan, J Gaffé, J Plucain, M Schliep, L Wang, L Feng, O Tenaillon, ...
BMC genomics 14 (1), 1-12, 2013
Contrasting effects of historical contingency on phenotypic and genomic trajectories during a two-step evolution experiment with bacteria
J Plucain, A Suau, S Cruveiller, C Médigue, D Schneider, M Le Gac
BMC evolutionary biology 16 (1), 86, 2016
Genetic basis of exploiting ecological opportunity during the long-term diversification of a bacterial population
J Consuegra, J Plucain, J Gaffé, T Hindré, D Schneider
Journal of molecular evolution 85 (1), 26-36, 2017
Evolution: bacterial territoriality as a byproduct of kin discriminatory warfare
GJ Velicer, J Plucain
Current Biology 26 (9), R364-R366, 2016
L'évolution en action: rêve ou réalité?
T Hindré, M Le Gac, J Plucain, S Wielgoss, J Gaffé, D Schneider
Biofutur 316, 52-56, 2010
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