Heng Guo
Heng Guo
Southwest Petroleum University
Потвърден имейл адрес: swpu.edu.cn
Cross-linkable nitrile functionalized graphene oxide/poly (arylene ether nitrile) nanocomposite films with high mechanical strength and thermal stability
Y Zhan, X Yang, H Guo, J Yang, F Meng, X Liu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5602-5608, 2012
Prediction of two-dimensional nodal-line semimetals in a carbon nitride covalent network
H Chen, S Zhang, W Jiang, C Zhang, H Guo, Z Liu, Z Wang, F Liu, X Niu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (24), 11252-11259, 2018
Decoration of basalt fibers with hybrid Fe 3 O 4 microspheres and their microwave absorption application in bisphthalonitrile composites
H Guo, Y Zhan, Z Chen, F Meng, J Wei, X Liu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (6), 2286-2296, 2013
Honeycomb-like porous carbon with N and S dual-doping as metal-free catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
J Yang, F Xiang, H Guo, L Wang, X Niu
Carbon 156, 514-522, 2020
Self-promoted curing phthalonitrile with high glass transition temperature for advanced composites
H Guo, Z Chen, J Zhang, X Yang, R Zhao, X Liu
Journal of Polymer Research 19, 1-8, 2012
Low-temperature processed yttrium-doped SrSnO3 perovskite electron transport layer for planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells with high efficiency
H Guo, H Chen, H Zhang, X Huang, J Yang, B Wang, Y Li, L Wang, X Niu, ...
Nano Energy 59, 1-9, 2019
Anchoring and space-confinement effects to form ultrafine Ru nanoclusters for efficient hydrogen generation
J Yang, H Guo, S Chen, Y Li, C Cai, P Gao, L Wang, Y Zhang, R Sun, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (28), 13859-13866, 2018
Ionic liquid induced surface trap-state passivation for efficient perovskite hybrid solar cells
X Huang, H Guo, K Wang, X Liu
Organic Electronics 41, 42-48, 2017
Moderately reduced graphene oxide/PEDOT: PSS as hole transport layer to fabricate efficient perovskite hybrid solar cells
X Huang, H Guo, J Yang, K Wang, X Niu, X Liu
Organic Electronics 39, 288-295, 2016
Self‐Supported Pd Nanorod Arrays for High‐Efficient Nitrate Electroreduction to Ammonia
H Guo, M Li, Y Yang, R Luo, W Liu, F Zhang, C Tang, G Yang, Y Zhou
Small 19 (10), 2207743, 2023
Chlorine-doped SnO 2 hydrophobic surfaces for large grain perovskite solar cells
W Gong, H Guo, H Zhang, J Yang, H Chen, L Wang, F Hao, X Niu
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (33), 11638-11646, 2020
In-situ cobalt and nitrogen doped mesoporous graphitic carbon electrocatalyst via directly pyrolyzing hyperbranched cobalt phthalocyanine for hydrogen evolution reaction
J Yang, C Cai, Y Li, L Gao, H Guo, B Wang, B Pu, X Niu
Electrochimica Acta 262, 48-56, 2018
Curing behaviors and properties of novolac/bisphthalonitrile blends
H Guo, Y Lei, X Zhao, X Yang, R Zhao, X Liu
Journal of applied polymer science 125 (1), 649-656, 2012
In Situ Growth of Fe2O3 Nanorod Arrays on Carbon Cloth with Rapid Charge Transfer for Efficient Nitrate Electroreduction to Ammonia
T Li, C Tang, H Guo, H Wu, C Duan, H Wang, F Zhang, Y Cao, G Yang, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (44), 49765-49773, 2022
Preparation and properties of bisphenol A‐based bis‐phthalonitrile composite laminates
Z Chen, H Guo, H Tang, X Yang, M Xu, X Liu
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 129 (5), 2621-2628, 2013
Excellent microwave absorption of lead halide perovskites with high stability
H Guo, J Yang, B Pu, H Chen, Y Li, Z Wang, X Niu
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (15), 4201-4207, 2018
High efficiency photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation using eco-friendly Cu doped Zn-In-Se colloidal quantum dots
B Luo, J Liu, H Guo, X Liu, R Song, K Shen, ZM Wang, D Jing, GS Selopal, ...
Nano Energy 88, 106220, 2021
Effects of substrate temperature on the crystallization process and properties of mixed-ion perovskite layers
H Zhang, C Zhao, D Li, H Guo, F Liao, W Cao, X Niu, Y Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (6), 2804-2811, 2019
Effects of self-promoted curing behaviors on properties of phthalonitrile/epoxy copolymer
H Guo, Y Zou, Z Chen, J Zhang, Y Zhan, J Yang, X Liu
High Performance Polymers 24 (7), 571-579, 2012
Photoelectric properties of poly (arylene ether nitriles)–copper phthalocyanine conjugates complex via in situ polymerization
J Yang, H Tang, Y Zhan, H Guo, R Zhao, X Liu
Materials Letters 72, 42-45, 2012
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