Hatem Alsyouri, Associate Professor
Hatem Alsyouri, Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait
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Microporous inorganic membranes
YS Lin, I Kumakiri, BN Nair, H Alsyouri
Separation and Purification Methods 31 (2), 229-379, 2002
Catalyst impregnation and ethylene polymerization with mesoporous particle supported nickel-diimine catalyst
Z Ye, H Alsyouri, S Zhu, YS Lin
Polymer 44 (4), 969-980, 2003
Morphological and mechanical properties of nascent polyethylene fibers produced via ethylene extrusion polymerization with a metallocene catalyst supported on MCM‐41 particles
Z Ye, S Zhu, WJ Wang, H Alsyouri, YS Lin
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 41 (20), 2433-2443, 2003
Assessment of heavy metals and organics in municipal solid waste leachates from landfills with different ages in Jordan
M Abu-Daabes, HA Qdais, H Alsyouri
Scientific Research Publishing, 2013
Assessment of Heavy Metals and Organics in Municipal Solid Waste Leachates from Landfills with Different Ages in Jordan
M Abu-Daabes, HA Qdais, H Alsyouri
Journal of Environmental Protection 4 (4), 344-352, 2013
Gas diffusion and microstructural properties of ordered mesoporous silica fibers
HM Alsyouri, JYS Lin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (28), 13623-13629, 2005
Densities and volumetric properties of (N-(2-hydroxyethyl) morpholine+ ethanol,+ 1-propanol,+ 2-propanol,+ 1-butanol, and+ 2-butanol) at (293.15, 298.15, 303.15, 313.15, and …
AM Awwad, HM Alsyouri, MA Abu-Daabes, KA Jbara
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 40 (4), 592-598, 2008
Cyclic CVD modification of straight pore alumina membranes
HM Alsyouri, C Langheinrich, YS Lin, Z Ye, S Zhu
Langmuir 19 (18), 7307-7314, 2003
Counter diffusion self-assembly synthesis of nanostructured silica membranes
HM Alsyouri, D Li, YS Lin, Z Ye, SP Zhu
Journal of membrane science 282 (1-2), 266-275, 2006
[n]‐Oligourea‐Based Green Sorbents with Enhanced CO2 Sorption Capacity
AK Qaroush, DA Castillo‐Molina, C Troll, MA Abu‐Daabes, HM Alsyouri, ...
ChemSusChem 8 (9), 1618-1626, 2015
Counter diffusion self assembly synthesis of ordered mesoporous silica membranes in straight pore supports
SK Seshadri, HM Alsyouri, YS Lin
Microporous and mesoporous materials 129 (1-2), 228-237, 2010
Effects of synthesis conditions on macroscopic and microscopic properties of ordered mesoporous silica fibers
HM Alsyouri, YS Lin
Chemistry of materials 15 (10), 2033-2039, 2003
Viscosities and Densities of Binary Mixtures of (N-Acetylmorpholine + Alkanols) from (293.15 to 323.15) K
AM Awwad, HA Alsyouri, KA Jbara
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 53 (7), 1655-1659, 2008
New Metrics of Green Sorbents for CO2 Capturing
AF Eftaiha, AK Qaroush, MA Abu‐Daabes, HM Alsyouri, KI Assaf
Advanced Sustainable Systems 4 (7), 1900121, 2020
Modeling hydrogen storage on Mg–H2 and LiNH2 under variable temperature using multiple regression analysis with respect to ANOVA
F Al-Hadeethi, N Haddad, A Said, H Alsyouri, A Abdelhadi
international journal of hydrogen energy 42 (40), 25558-25564, 2017
Pretreatment of Hanford medium-curie wastes by fractional crystallization
L Nassif, G Dumont, H Alysouri, RW Rousseau, D Geneisse
Environmental science & technology 42 (13), 4940-4945, 2008
Ordered mesoporous silica prepared by quiescent interfacial growth method-effects of reaction chemistry
HM Alsyouri, MA Abu-Daabes, A Alassali, JYS Lin
Nanoscale Research Letters 8, 1-15, 2013
Synthesis of ordered mesoporous silica and alumina with controlled macroscopic morphologies
HMS Alsyouri
University of Cincinnati, 2004
Diffusion in circularly ordered mesoporous silica fibers
H Alsyouri, OC Gobin, A Jentys, JA Lercher
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (17), 8602-8612, 2011
Microporous ceramic membranes: review
J Lin, I Kumakiri, BN Nair, H Alsyouri
Sep. Purif. Meth 31 (2), 2002
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