Tamás Kiss
Tamás Kiss
Department of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre for Physics
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Sampling of photon statistics and density matrix using homodyne detection
U Leonhardt, M Munroe, T Kiss, T Richter, MG Raymer
Optics Communications 127 (1-3), 144-160, 1996
Photon chopping: New way to measure the quantum state of light
H Paul, P Törmä, T Kiss, I Jex
Physical review letters 76 (14), 2464, 1996
Optimized quantum random-walk search algorithms on the hypercube
V Potoček, A Gábris, T Kiss, I Jex
Physical Review A 79 (1), 012325, 2009
Recurrence and Pólya number of quantum walks
M Štefaňák, I Jex, T Kiss
Physical review letters 100 (2), 020501, 2008
Compensation of losses in photodetection and in quantum-state measurements
T Kiss, U Herzog, U Leonhardt
Physical Review A 52 (3), 2433, 1995
Theory of elementary excitations in unstable Bose-Einstein condensates and the instability of sonic horizons
U Leonhardt, T Kiss, P Öhberg
Physical Review A 67 (3), 033602, 2003
Recurrence properties of unbiased coined quantum walks on infinite d-dimensional lattices
M Štefaňák, T Kiss, I Jex
Physical Review A 78 (3), 032306, 2008
Bogoliubov theory of the Hawking effect in Bose–Einstein condensates
U Leonhardt, T Kiss, P Öhberg
Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 5 (2), S42, 2003
Asymptotic dynamics of coined quantum walks on percolation graphs
B Kollár, T Kiss, J Novotný, I Jex
Physical review letters 108 (23), 230505, 2012
Time evolution of harmonic oscillators with time-dependent parameters: A step-function approximation
T Kiss, J Janszky, P Adam
Physical Review A 49 (6), 4935, 1994
Conditions for one-dimensional supersonic flow of quantum gases
S Giovanazzi, C Farrell, T Kiss, U Leonhardt
Physical Review A 70 (6), 063602, 2004
Recurrence of biased quantum walks on a line
M Štefaňák, T Kiss, I Jex
New Journal of Physics 11 (4), 043027, 2009
Transport properties of continuous-time quantum walks on Sierpinski fractals
Z Darázs, A Anishchenko, T Kiss, A Blumen, O Mülken
Physical Review E 90 (3), 032113, 2014
Probing measurement-induced effects in quantum walks via recurrence
T Nitsche, S Barkhofen, R Kruse, L Sansoni, M Štefaňák, A Gábris, ...
Science advances 4 (6), eaar6444, 2018
Local sampling of phase-space distributions by cascaded optical homodyning
Z Kis, T Kiss, J Janszky, P Adam, S Wallentowitz, W Vogel
Physical Review A 59 (1), R39, 1999
Directional correlations in quantum walks with two particles
M Štefaňák, SM Barnett, B Kollár, T Kiss, I Jex
New Journal of Physics 13 (3), 033029, 2011
Complex chaos in the conditional dynamics of qubits
T Kiss, I Jex, G Alber, S Vymětal
Physical Review A 74 (4), 040301, 2006
The meeting problem in the quantum walk
M Štefanák, T Kiss, I Jex, B Mohring
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 39 (48), 14965, 2006
Recurrences in three-state quantum walks on a plane
B Kollár, M Štefaňák, T Kiss, I Jex
Physical Review A 82 (1), 012303, 2010
Scattering quantum random-walk search with errors
A Gábris, T Kiss, I Jex
Physical Review A 76 (6), 062315, 2007
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