Celestino Quintela-Sabarís
Celestino Quintela-Sabarís
Departamento de Edafologia e Química Agrícola, USC, Spain
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Aided phytostabilisation reduces metal toxicity, improves soil fertility and enhances microbial activity in Cu-rich mine tailings
M Touceda-González, V Álvarez-López, Á Prieto-Fernández, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 186, 301-313, 2017
Variation in the chloroplast DNA of Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra L.) reflects contrasting post‐glacial history of populations from the Carpathians and the Alps
M Höhn, F Gugerli, P Abran, G Bisztray, A Buonamici, K Cseke, ...
Journal of biogeography 36 (9), 1798-1806, 2009
Assessing phytotoxicity of trace element-contaminated soils phytomanaged with gentle remediation options at ten European field trials
C Quintela-Sabarís, L Marchand, PS Kidd, W Friesl-Hanl, M Puschenreiter, ...
Science of the Total Environment 599, 1388-1398, 2017
Developing sustainable agromining systems in agricultural ultramafic soils for nickel recovery
PS Kidd, A Bani, E Benizri, C Gonnelli, C Hazotte, J Kisser, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 6, 44, 2018
Chloroplast microsatellites reveal that metallicolous populations of the Mediterranean shrub Cistus ladanifer L have multiple origins
C Quintela-Sabarís, GG Vendramin, D Castro-Fernández, MI Fraga
Plant and soil 334 (1-2), 161-174, 2010
Plant responses to a phytomanaged urban technosol contaminated by trace elements and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
M Marchand, L., Quintela-Sabaris, C., Desjardins, D., Oustrière, N., Pesme ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2015
Cistus ladanifer (Cistaceae): a natural resource in Mediterranean-type ecosystems
DF Frazão, JR Raimundo, JL Domingues, C Quintela-Sabarís, ...
Planta 247 (2), 289-300, 2018
Root biomass production in populations of six rooted macrophytes in response to Cu exposure: Intra-specific variability versus constitutive-like tolerance
L Marchand, F Nsanganwimana, JB Lamy, C Quintela-Sabaris, ...
Environmental Pollution 193, 205-215, 2014
AFLP analysis of the pseudometallophyte Cistus ladanifer: comparison with cpSSRs and exploratory genome scan to investigate loci associated to soil variables
C Quintela-Sabarís, MM Ribeiro, B Poncet, R Costa, D Castro-Fernández, ...
Plant and soil 359 (1-2), 397-413, 2012
Neglected Mediterranean plant species are valuable resources: the example of Cistus ladanifer
JR Raimundo, DF Frazão, JL Domingues, C Quintela-Sabarís, ...
Planta, 1-14, 2018
Genetic diversity and hybridization in the two species Inga ingoides and Inga edulis: potential applications for agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon
A Rollo, B Lojka, D Honys, B Mandák, JAC Wong, C Santos, R Costa, ...
Annals of forest science 73 (2), 425-435, 2016
Chloroplast DNA phylogeography of the shrub Cistus ladanifer L.(Cistaceae) in the highly diverse Western Mediterranean region
C Quintela‐Sabarís, GG Vendramin, D Castro‐Fernández, M Isabel Fraga
Plant Biology 13 (2), 391-400, 2011
Potential of Ranunculus acris L. for biomonitoring trace element contamination of riverbank soils: photosystem II activity and phenotypic responses for two soil series
L Marchand, P Lamy, V Bert, C Quintela-Sabaris, M Mench
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (4), 3104-3119, 2016
Identification of metalliferous ecotypes of Cistus ladanifer L. using RAPD markers
C Quintela-Sabarís, PS Kidd, MI Fraga
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 60 (3-4), 229-235, 2005
Effects of reclamation effort on the recovery of ecosystem functions of a tropical degraded serpentinite dump site
C Quintela-Sabarís, JF Masfaraud, G Séré, S Sumail, A van der Ent, ...
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 200, 139-151, 2019
Evolutionary origin and ecophysiology of metallicolous populations of Cistus ladanifer L.
C Quintela Sabarís
Chemico‐mineralogical changes of ultramafic topsoil during stockpiling: implications for post‐mining restoration
C Quintela‐Sabarís, L L'Huillier, LC Mouchon, E Montargès‐Pelletier, ...
Ecological research 33 (4), 767-775, 2018
Plant Functional Traits on Tropical Ultramafic Habitats Affected by Fire and Mining: Insights for Reclamation
C Quintela-Sabarís, MP Faucon, R Repin, JB Sugau, R Nilus, ...
Diversity 12 (6), 248, 2020
Recovery of ultramafic soil functions and plant communities along an age-gradient of the actinorhizal tree Ceuthostoma terminale (Casuarinaceae) in Sabah …
C Quintela-Sabaris, E Auber, S Sumail, JF Masfaraud, MP Faucon, ...
Plant and Soil 440 (1-2), 201-218, 2019
Using AFLP genome scanning to explore serpentine adaptation and nickel hyperaccumulation in Alyssum serpyllifolium
C Quintela-Sabarís, L Marchand, JAC Smith, PS Kidd
Plant and Soil 416 (1-2), 391-408, 2017
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