Jeremy Fyke
Jeremy Fyke
Environment and Climate Change Canada
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The DOE E3SM coupled model version 1: Overview and evaluation at standard resolution
JC Golaz, PM Caldwell, LP Van Roekel, MR Petersen, Q Tang, JD Wolfe, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 11 (7), 2089-2129, 2019
Present-day and future Antarctic ice sheet climate and surface mass balance in the Community Earth System Model
JTM Lenaerts, M Vizcaino, J Fyke, L Van Kampenhout, ...
Climate Dynamics 47, 1367-1381, 2016
Implementation and initial evaluation of the glimmer community ice sheet model in the community earth system model
WH Lipscomb, JG Fyke, M Vizcaíno, WJ Sacks, J Wolfe, M Vertenstein, ...
Journal of Climate 26 (19), 7352-7371, 2013
A new coupled ice sheet/climate model: Description and sensitivity to model physics under Eemian, Last Glacial Maximum, late Holocene and modern climate conditions
JG Fyke, AJ Weaver, D Pollard, M Eby, L Carter, A Mackintosh
Geoscientific Model Development 4 (1), 117-136, 2011
Description and evaluation of the community ice sheet model (CISM) v2. 1
WH Lipscomb, SF Price, MJ Hoffman, GR Leguy, AR Bennett, SL Bradley, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 12 (1), 387-424, 2019
An overview of interactions and feedbacks between ice sheets and the Earth system
J Fyke, O Sergienko, M Löfverström, S Price, JTM Lenaerts
Reviews of Geophysics 56 (2), 361-408, 2018
Basin-scale heterogeneity in Antarctic precipitation and its impact on surface mass variability
J Fyke, J Lenaerts, H Wang
The Cryosphere 11 (6), 2595-2609, 2017
The signature of ozone depletion in recent Antarctic precipitation change: A study with the Community Earth System Model
JTM Lenaerts, J Fyke, B Medley
Geophysical Research Letters 45 (23), 12,931-12,939, 2018
The effect of potential future climate change on the marine methane hydrate stability zone
JG Fyke, AJ Weaver
Journal of Climate 19 (22), 5903-5917, 2006
Effect of subshelf melt variability on sea level rise contribution from Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica
MJ Hoffman, X Asay‐Davis, SF Price, J Fyke, M Perego
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 124 (12), 2798-2822, 2019
Future climate warming increases Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance variability
JG Fyke, M Vizcaíno, W Lipscomb, S Price
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (2), 470-475, 2014
The pattern of anthropogenic signal emergence in Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance
JG Fyke, M Vizcaíno, WH Lipscomb
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (16), 6002-6008, 2014
Surface melting over ice shelves and ice sheets as assessed from modeled surface air temperatures
JG Fyke, L Carter, A Mackintosh, AJ Weaver, KJ Meissner
Journal of Climate 23 (7), 1929-1936, 2010
Comment on “Climate sensitivity estimated from temperature reconstructions of the Last Glacial Maximum”
J Fyke, M Eby
Science 337 (6100), 1294-1294, 2012
Influence of sea-ice anomalies on Antarctic precipitation using source attribution in the Community Earth System Model
H Wang, JG Fyke, JTM Lenaerts, JM Nusbaumer, H Singh, D Noone, ...
The Cryosphere 14 (2), 429-444, 2020
Drake Passage and Central American Seaway controls on the distribution of the oceanic carbon reservoir
J Fyke, M D'Orgeville, A Weaver
Global and Planetary Change 128, 72-82, 2015
Impact of climate sensitivity and polar amplification on projections of Greenland Ice Sheet loss
J Fyke, M Eby, A Mackintosh, A Weaver
Climate dynamics 43, 2249-2260, 2014
A probabilistic analysis of cumulative carbon emissions and long-term planetary warming
J Fyke, HD Matthews
Environmental Research Letters 10 (11), 115007, 2015
Accelerated Greenland ice sheet mass loss under high greenhouse gas forcing as simulated by the coupled CESM2. 1‐CISM2. 1
L Muntjewerf, R Sellevold, M Vizcaino, C Ernani da Silva, M Petrini, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 12 (10), e2019MS002031, 2020
The DOE E3SM v1. 2 cryosphere configuration: Description and simulated Antarctic ice‐shelf basal melting
D Comeau, XS Asay‐Davis, CB Begeman, MJ Hoffman, W Lin, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 14 (2), e2021MS002468, 2022
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