Federico Brilli
Federico Brilli
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Physiological responses of forest trees to heat and drought
H Rennenberg, F Loreto, A Polle, F Brilli, S Fares, RS Beniwal, A Gessler
Plant Biology 8 (05), 556-571, 2006
On the induction of volatile organic compound emissions by plants as consequence of wounding or fluctuations of light and temperature
F Loreto, C Barta, F Brilli, I Nogues
Plant, cell & environment 29 (9), 1820-1828, 2006
Response of isoprene emission and carbon metabolism to drought in white poplar (Populus alba) saplings
F Brilli, C Barta, A Fortunati, M Lerdau, F Loreto, M Centritto
New Phytologist 175 (2), 244-254, 2007
Inefficient photosynthesis in the Mediterranean orchid Limodorum abortivum is mirrored by specific association to ectomycorrhizal Russulaceae
M Girlanda, MA Selosse, D Cafasso, F Brilli, S Delfine, R Fabbian, ...
Molecular Ecology 15 (2), 491-504, 2006
Isoprene emission is not temperature‐dependent during and after severe drought‐stress: a physiological and biochemical analysis
A Fortunati, C Barta, F Brilli, M Centritto, I Zimmer, JP Schnitzler, F Loreto
The Plant Journal 55 (4), 687-697, 2008
Detection of plant volatiles after leaf wounding and darkening by proton transfer reaction “time-of-flight” mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF)
F Brilli, TM Ruuskanen, R Schnitzhofer, M Müller, M Breitenlechner, ...
PLoS One 6 (5), e20419, 2011
Constitutive and herbivore‐induced monoterpenes emitted by Populus × euroamericana leaves are key volatiles that orient Chrysomela populi beetles
F Brilli, P Ciccioli, M Frattoni, M Prestininzi, AF Spanedda, F Loreto
Plant, cell & environment 32 (5), 542-552, 2009
Different sensitivity of isoprene emission, respiration and photosynthesis to high growth temperature coupled with drought stress in black poplar (Populus nigra) saplings
M Centritto, F Brilli, R Fodale, F Loreto
Tree physiology 31 (3), 275-286, 2011
Eddy covariance VOC emission and deposition fluxes above grassland using PTR-TOF
TM Ruuskanen, M Müller, R Schnitzhofer, T Karl, M Graus, I Bamberger, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11 (2), 611-625, 2011
Impact of high ozone on isoprene emission, photosynthesis and histology of developing Populus alba leaves directly or indirectly exposed to the pollutant
S Fares, C Barta, F Brilli, M Centritto, L Ederli, F Ferranti, S Pasqualini, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 128 (3), 456-465, 2006
Exploiting plant volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in agriculture to improve sustainable defense strategies and productivity of crops
F Brilli, F Loreto, I Baccelli
Frontiers in plant science 10, 264, 2019
Dimethylallyl diphosphate and geranyl diphosphate pools of plant species characterized by different isoprenoid emissions
I Nogués, F Brilli, F Loreto
Plant Physiology 141 (2), 721-730, 2006
Plants for sustainable improvement of indoor air quality
F Brilli, S Fares, A Ghirardo, P de Visser, V Calatayud, A Muñoz, ...
Trends in plant science 23 (6), 507-512, 2018
Carbonyl sulfide (COS) as a tracer for canopy photosynthesis, transpiration and stomatal conductance: potential and limitations
G Wohlfahrt, F Brilli, L Hörtnagl, X Xu, H Bingemer, A Hansel, F Loreto
Plant, Cell & Environment 35 (4), 657-667, 2012
Qualitative and quantitative characterization of volatile organic compound emissions from cut grass
F Brilli, L Hörtnagl, I Bamberger, R Schnitzhofer, TM Ruuskanen, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (7), 3859-3865, 2012
Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometric (PTR-TOF-MS) determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from a biomass fire developed under stable …
F Brilli, B Gioli, P Ciccioli, D Zona, F Loreto, IA Janssens, R Ceulemans
Atmospheric Environment 97, 54-67, 2014
In situ investigation of leaf water status by portable unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance
D Capitani, F Brilli, L Mannina, N Proietti, F Loreto
Plant physiology 149 (4), 1638-1647, 2009
Ultradian variation of isoprene emission, photosynthesis, mesophyll conductance, and optimum temperature sensitivity for isoprene emission in water-stressed Eucalyptus …
F Brilli, T Tsonev, T Mahmood, V Velikova, F Loreto, M Centritto
Journal of Experimental Botany 64 (2), 519-528, 2013
Isoprene prevents the negative consequences of high temperature stress in Platanus orientalis leaves
V Velikova, F Loreto, T Tsonev, F Brilli, A Edreva
Functional Plant Biology 33 (10), 931-940, 2006
Comparative study of transcriptional and physiological responses to salinity stress in two contrasting Populus alba L. genotypes
I Beritognolo, A Harfouche, F Brilli, G Prosperini, M Gaudet, M Brosché, ...
Tree Physiology 31 (12), 1335-1355, 2011
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