Dmitry A Filatov
Dmitry A Filatov
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One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants
Nature 574 (7780), 679-685, 2019
proseq: A software for preparation and evolutionary analysis of DNA sequence data sets
DA Filatov
Molecular Ecology Notes 2 (4), 621-624, 2002
A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny: The Legume Phylogeny Working Group (LPWG)
N Azani, M Babineau, CD Bailey, H Banks, AR Barbosa, RB Pinto, ...
taxon 66 (1), 44-77, 2017
Genome wide analyses reveal little evidence for adaptive evolution in many plant species
TI Gossmann, BH Song, AJ Windsor, T Mitchell-Olds, CJ Dixon, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 27 (8), 1822-1832, 2010
Silene as a model system in ecology and evolution
G Bernasconi, J Antonovics, A Biere, D Charlesworth, LF Delph, D Filatov, ...
Heredity 103 (1), 5-14, 2009
Widespread positive selection in the photosynthetic Rubisco enzyme
MV Kapralov, DA Filatov
BMC evolutionary biology 7 (1), 1-10, 2007
Plant Y chromosome degeneration is retarded by haploid purifying selection
MV Chibalina, DA Filatov
Current Biology 21 (17), 1475-1479, 2011
Low variability in a Y-linked plant gene and its implications for Y-chromosome evolution
DA Filatov, F Monéger, I Negrutiu, D Charlesworth
Nature 404 (6776), 388-390, 2000
Rapid Y degeneration and dosage compensation in plant sex chromosomes
AST Papadopulos, M Chester, K Ridout, DA Filatov
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (42), 13021-13026, 2015
DNA polymorphism, haplotype structure and balancing selection in the Leavenworthia PgiC locus
DA Filatov, D Charlesworth
Genetics 153 (3), 1423-1434, 1999
Evolutionary History of Silene latifolia Sex Chromosomes Revealed by Genetic Mapping of Four Genes
DA Filatov
Genetics 170 (2), 975-979, 2005
Processing and population genetic analysis of multigenic datasets with ProSeq3 software
DA Filatov
Bioinformatics 25 (23), 3189-3190, 2009
Resolving the backbone of the Brassicaceae phylogeny for investigating trait diversity
LA Nikolov, P Shushkov, B Nevado, X Gan, IA Al‐Shehbaz, D Filatov, ...
New Phytologist 222 (3), 1638-1651, 2019
Genomic divergence during speciation driven by adaptation to altitude
MA Chapman, SJ Hiscock, DA Filatov
Molecular Biology and Evolution 30 (12), 2553-2567, 2013
Changes in Rubisco Kinetics during the Evolution of C4 Photosynthesis in Flaveria (Asteraceae) Are Associated with Positive Selection on Genes Encoding the …
MV Kapralov, DS Kubien, I Andersson, DA Filatov
Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (4), 1491-1503, 2011
Substitution rates in the X-and Y-linked genes of the plants, Silene latifolia and S. dioica
DA Filatov, D Charlesworth
Molecular Biology and Evolution 19 (6), 898-907, 2002
Adaptive signals in algal Rubisco reveal a history of ancient atmospheric carbon dioxide
JN Young, REM Rickaby, MV Kapralov, DA Filatov
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
Arabidopsis thaliana leaf form evolved via loss of KNOX expression in leaves in association with a selective sweep
P Piazza, CD Bailey, M Cartolano, J Krieger, J Cao, S Ossowski, ...
Current Biology 20 (24), 2223-2228, 2010
Cardamine hirsuta: a versatile genetic system for comparative studies
AS Hay, B Pieper, E Cooke, T Mandakova, M Cartolano, AD Tattersall, ...
The Plant Journal 78 (1), 1-15, 2014
Analysis and evolution of two functional Y-linked loci in a plant sex chromosome system
I Atanassov, C Delichere, DA Filatov, D Charlesworth, I Negrutiu, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 18 (12), 2162-2168, 2001
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