Kyle L. Saunders
Kyle L. Saunders
Professor of Political Science, Colorado State University
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Is Polarization a Myth?
AI Abramowitz, KL Saunders
Controversies in Voting Behavior 5, 2010
Is Polarization a Myth?
AI Abramowitz, KL Saunders
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Ideological realignment in the US electorate
AI Abramowitz, KL Saunders
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Why can’t we all just get along? The reality of a polarized America
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The effect of election administration on voter confidence: a local matter?
LR Atkeson, KL Saunders
PS: Political Science and Politics 40 (4), 655-664, 2007
Pillar Talk: Local Sustainability Initiatives and Policies in the United States—Finding Evidence of the “Three E’s”: Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Social …
SM Opp, KL Saunders
Urban Affairs Review 49 (5), 678-717, 2013
Effective Quotas, Relative Party Magnitude, and the Success of Female Candidates: Peruvian Municipal Elections In Comparative Perspective
GD Schmidt, KL Saunders
Comparative Political Studies 37 (6), 704-734, 2004
A new barrier to participation: Heterogeneous application of voter identification policies
LR Atkeson, LA Bryant, TE Hall, KL Saunders, RM Alvarez
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Ideological realignment and active partisans in the American electorate
KL Saunders, AI Abramowitz
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Considering Mixed Mode Surveys for Questions in Political Behavior: Using the Internet and Mail to Get Quality Data at Reasonable Costs
LR Atkeson, AN Adams, LA Bryant, L Zilberman, KL Saunders
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Public opinion and polling around the world
JG Geer
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2004
Are Republicans and Conservatives More Likely to Believe Conspiracy Theories?
A Enders, C Farhart, J Miller, J Uscinski, K Saunders, H Drochon
Political Behavior, 1-24, 2022
The Impact of Elite Frames and Motivated Reasoning on Beliefs in a Global Warming Conspiracy: The Promise and Limits of Trust
KL Saunders
Research & Politics 4 (3), 1-14, 2017
A new kind of balancing act: Electoral certainty and ticket-splitting in the 1996 and 2000 elections
KL Saunders, AI Abramowitz, J Williamson
Political Research Quarterly 58 (1), 69-78, 2005
Justice Speaks, But Who’s Listening? Mass Public Awareness of U.S. Supreme Court Cases
MP Hitt, KL Saunders, KM Scott
Journal of Law and Courts, 2019
It’s Not All About Resources: Explaining (or Not) the Instability of Individual-Level Political Participation Over Time
JM Miller, KL Saunders
American Politics Research, 1532673X15599840, 2015
Self-affirmation and identity-driven political behavior
BA Lyons, CE Farhart, MP Hall, J Kotcher, M Levendusky, JM Miller, ...
Journal of Experimental Political Science 9 (2), 225-240, 2022
Conspiracy theories in the United States: More commonplace than extraordinary
JM Miller, KL Saunders
Critical Review 28 (1), 127-136, 2016
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