Vallesi Antonino
Vallesi Antonino
Department of Neuroscience & Padova Neuroscience Center, University of Padova, Italy
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An effect of spatial–temporal association of response codes: Understanding the cognitive representations of time
A Vallesi, MA Binns, T Shallice
Cognition 107 (2), 501-527, 2008
Role of the prefrontal cortex in the foreperiod effect: TMS evidence for dual mechanisms in temporal preparation
A Vallesi, T Shallice, V Walsh
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Effects of TMS on different stages of motor and non-motor verb processing in the primary motor cortex
L Papeo, A Vallesi, A Isaja, RI Rumiati
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Aging, cognitive decline and hearing loss: effects of auditory rehabilitation and training with hearing aids and cochlear implants on cognitive function and depression among …
A Castiglione, A Benatti, C Velardita, D Favaro, E Padoan, D Severi, ...
Audiology and Neurotology 21 (Suppl. 1), 21-28, 2016
Developmental dissociations of preparation over time: deconstructing the variable foreperiod phenomena.
A Vallesi, T Shallice
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Horizontal and vertical Simon effect: different underlying mechanisms?
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Overrecruitment in the aging brain as a function of task demands: evidence for a compensatory view
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The neural basis of temporal preparation: Insights from brain tumor patients
A Vallesi, A Mussoni, M Mondani, R Budai, M Skrap, T Shallice
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Are simultaneous interpreters expert bilinguals, unique bilinguals, or both?
L Babcock, A Vallesi
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Task context and frontal lobe activation in the Stroop task
D Floden, A Vallesi, DT Stuss
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A Vallesi, DT Stuss, AR McIntosh, TW Picton
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Temporal preparation in aging: A functional MRI study
A Vallesi, AR McIntosh, DT Stuss
Neuropsychologia 47 (13), 2876-2881, 2009
Asymmetry in prefrontal resting-state EEG spectral power underlies individual differences in phasic and sustained cognitive control
E Ambrosini, A Vallesi
Neuroimage 124, 843-857, 2016
Organisation of executive functions: Hemispheric asymmetries
A Vallesi
Journal of Cognitive Psychology 24 (4), 367-386, 2012
Cognitive association formation in episodic memory: Evidence from event-related potentials
ASN Kim, A Vallesi, TW Picton, E Tulving
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Conflict resolution and adaptation in normal aging: the role of verbal intelligence and cognitive reserve.
O Puccioni, A Vallesi
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Dissociating temporal preparation processes as a function of the inter-trial interval duration
A Vallesi, VN Lozano, Á Correa
Cognition 127 (1), 22-30, 2013
How time modulates spatial responses
A Vallesi, AR McIntosh, DT Stuss
Cortex 47 (2), 148-156, 2011
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