Dirk Sieger
Dirk Sieger
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Long-range Ca2+ waves transmit brain-damage signals to microglia
D Sieger, C Moritz, T Ziegenhals, S Prykhozhij, F Peri
Developmental cell 22 (6), 1138-1148, 2012
Gold‐triggered uncaging chemistry in living systems
AM Pérez‐López, B Rubio‐Ruiz, V Sebastián, L Hamilton, C Adam, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (41), 12548-12552, 2017
The role of gamma interferon in innate immunity in the zebrafish embryo
D Sieger, C Stein, D Neifer, AM van der Sar, M Leptin
Disease models & mechanisms 2 (11-12), 571-581, 2009
Anterior and posterior waves of cyclic her1 gene expression are differentially regulated in the presomitic mesoderm of zebrafish
M Gajewski, D Sieger, B Alt, C Leve, S Hans, C Wolff, KB Rohr, D Tautz
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 130 (18), 4269 …, 2003
In vivo analysis of Ifn-γ1 and Ifn-γ2 signaling in zebrafish
D Aggad, C Stein, D Sieger, M Mazel, P Boudinot, P Herbomel, ...
The Journal of Immunology 185 (11), 6774-6782, 2010
Complement as a regulator of adaptive immunity
J Killick, G Morisse, D Sieger, AL Astier
Seminars in immunopathology 40, 37-48, 2018
Spinal motor neurons are regenerated after mechanical lesion and genetic ablation in larval zebrafish
J Ohnmacht, Y Yang, GW Maurer, A Barreiro-Iglesias, TM Tsarouchas, ...
Development 143 (9), 1464-1474, 2016
The role of Suppressor of Hairless in Notch mediated signalling during zebrafish somitogenesis
D Sieger, D Tautz, M Gajewski
Mechanisms of development 120 (9), 1083-1094, 2003
Carcinoma cells misuse the host tissue damage response to invade the brain
HN Chuang, D van Rossum, D Sieger, L Siam, F Klemm, A Bleckmann, ...
Glia 61 (8), 1331-1346, 2013
A novel brain tumour model in zebrafish reveals the role of YAP activation in MAPK-and PI3K-induced malignant growth
M Mayrhofer, V Gourain, M Reischl, P Affaticati, A Jenett, JS Joly, ...
Disease models & mechanisms 10 (1), 15-28, 2017
Animal models for studying microglia: the first, the popular, and the new
D Sieger, F Peri
Glia 61 (1), 3-9, 2013
Completing the set of h/E (spl) cyclic genes in zebrafish: her12 and her15 reveal novel modes of expression and contribute to the segmentation clock
SS Shankaran, D Sieger, C Schröter, C Czepe, MC Pauly, MA Laplante, ...
Developmental biology 304 (2), 615-632, 2007
A Zebrafish Live Imaging Model Reveals Differential Responses of Microglia Toward Glioblastoma Cells In Vivo
L Hamilton, KR Astell, G Velikova, D Sieger
Zebrafish 13 (6), 523-534, 2016
Bioorthogonal uncaging of the active metabolite of irinotecan by palladium‐functionalized microdevices
C Adam, AM Pérez‐López, L Hamilton, B Rubio‐Ruiz, TL Bray, D Sieger, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (63), 16783-16790, 2018
Tumor initiating cells induce Cxcr4-mediated infiltration of pro-tumoral macrophages into the brain
K Chia, J Mazzolini, M Mione, D Sieger
Elife 7, e31918, 2018
her11 is involved in the somitogenesis clock in zebrafish
D Sieger, D Tautz, M Gajewski
Development genes and evolution 214, 393-406, 2004
Gene expression profiling reveals a conserved microglia signature in larval zebrafish
J Mazzolini, S Le Clerc, G Morisse, C Coulonges, LE Kuil, TJ Van Ham, ...
Glia 68 (2), 298-315, 2020
Comparative analysis of her genes during fish somitogenesis suggests a mouse/chick-like mode of oscillation in medaka
M Gajewski, H Elmasri, M Girschick, D Sieger, C Winkler
Development genes and evolution 216, 315-332, 2006
her1 and her13. 2 are jointly required for somitic border specification along the entire axis of the fish embryo
D Sieger, B Ackermann, C Winkler, D Tautz, M Gajewski
Developmental biology 293 (1), 242-251, 2006
Zebrafish in vivo models of cancer and metastasis
KR Astell, D Sieger
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine 10 (8), 2020
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