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Lee Wong
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Evidence that asthma is a developmental origin disease influenced by maternal diet and bacterial metabolites
AN Thorburn, CI McKenzie, S Shen, D Stanley, L Macia, LJ Mason, ...
Nature communications 6, 7320, 2015
Survivin and the inner centromere protein INCENP show similar cell-cycle localization and gene knockout phenotype
AG Uren, L Wong, M Pakusch, KJ Fowler, FJ Burrows, DL Vaux, ...
Current Biology 10 (21), 1319-1328, 2000
Gut microbial metabolites limit the frequency of autoimmune T cells and protect against type 1 diabetes
E Mariño, JL Richards, KH McLeod, D Stanley, ...
Nature Immunology 18, 552-562, 2017
ATRX interacts with H3. 3 in maintaining telomere structural integrity in pluripotent embryonic stem cells
LH Wong, JD McGhie, M Sim, MA Anderson, S Ahn, RD Hannan, ...
Genome research 20 (3), 351-360, 2010
Neocentromeres: new insights into centromere structure, disease development, and karyotype evolution
OJ Marshall, AC Chueh, LH Wong, KHA Choo
The American Journal of Human Genetics 82 (2), 261-282, 2008
Centromere RNA is a key component for the assembly of nucleoproteins at the nucleolus and centromere
LH Wong, KH Brettingham-Moore, L Chan, JM Quach, MA Anderson, ...
Genome research 17 (8), 1146-1160, 2007
Interferon-resistant human melanoma cells are deficient in ISGF3 components, STAT1, STAT2, and p48-ISGF3γ
LH Wong, KG Krauer, I Hatzinisiriou, MJ Estcourt, P Hersey, ND Tam, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (45), 28779-28785, 1997
Active transcription and essential role of RNA polymerase II at the centromere during mitosis
FL Chan, OJ Marshall, R Saffery, B Won Kim, E Earle, KHA Choo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (6), 1979-1984, 2012
Human centromere repositioning “in progress”
DJ Amor, K Bentley, J Ryan, J Perry, L Wong, H Slater, KHA Choo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (17), 6542-6547, 2004
UBF levels determine the number of active ribosomal RNA genes in mammals
E Sanij, G Poortinga, K Sharkey, S Hung, TP Holloway, J Quin, E Robb, ...
The Journal of cell biology 183 (7), 1259-1274, 2008
The SH2 domains of Stat1 and Stat2 mediate multiple interactions in the transduction of IFN‐alpha signals.
S Gupta, H Yan, LH Wong, S Ralph, J Krolewski, C Schindler
The EMBO journal 15 (5), 1075-1084, 1996
LINE retrotransposon RNA is an essential structural and functional epigenetic component of a core neocentromeric chromatin
AC Chueh, EL Northrop, KH Brettingham-Moore, KHA Choo, LH Wong
PLoS Genetics 5 (1), e1000354, 2009
Histone H3. 3 incorporation provides a unique and functionally essential telomeric chromatin in embryonic stem cells
LH Wong, H Ren, E Williams, J McGhie, S Ahn, M Sim, A Tam, E Earle, ...
Genome research 19 (3), 404-414, 2009
Transcription within a functional human centromere
R Saffery, H Sumer, S Hassan, LH Wong, JM Craig, K Todokoro, ...
Molecular cell 12 (2), 509-516, 2003
Centromere proteins Cenpa, Cenpb, and Bub3 interact with poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 protein and are poly (ADP-ribosyl) ated
A Saxena, R Saffery, LH Wong, P Kalitsis, KHA Choo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (30), 26921-26926, 2002
Isolation and Characterization of a Human STAT1Gene Regulatory Element: INDUCIBILITY BY INTERFERON (IFN) TYPES I AND II AND ROLE OF IFN REGULATORY FACTOR-1
LH Wong, H Sim, M Chatterjee-Kishore, I Hatzinisiriou, RJ Devenish, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (22), 19408-19417, 2002
Contribution of the two genes encoding histone variant h3. 3 to viability and fertility in mice
MCW Tang, SA Jacobs, DM Mattiske, YM Soh, AN Graham, A Tran, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (2), e1004964, 2015
Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 2 localizes to mammalian active centromeres and interacts with PARP-1, Cenpa, Cenpb and Bub3, but not Cenpc
A Saxena, LH Wong, P Kalitsis, E Earle, LG Shaffer, KHA Choo
Human molecular genetics 11 (19), 2319-2329, 2002
Histone variant H3. 3 provides the heterochromatic H3 lysine 9 tri-methylation mark at telomeres
M Udugama, FT M. Chang, FL Chan, MC Tang, HA Pickett, JD R. McGhie, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (21), 10227-10237, 2015
Evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements at the centromere
LH Wong, KHA Choo
TRENDS in Genetics 20 (12), 611-616, 2004
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