Hannah Worthington
Hannah Worthington
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The role of multidimensional poverty in antibiotic misuse: a mixed-methods study of self-medication and non-adherence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
DL Green, K Keenan, KJ Fredricks, SI Huque, MF Mushi, C Kansiime, ...
The Lancet Global Health 11 (1), e59-e68, 2023
Analysing mark–recapture–recovery data in the presence of missing covariate data via multiple imputation
H Worthington, R King, ST Buckland
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 20, 28-46, 2015
Estimating abundance from multiple sampling capture-recapture data via a multi-state multi-period stopover model
H Worthington, R McCrea, R King, R Griffiths
Multiple systems estimation for modern slavery: robustness of list omission and combination
S Sharifi Far, R King, S Bird, A Overstall, H Worthington, N Jewell
Crime & Delinquency 67 (13-14), 2213-2236, 2021
Estimation of population size when capture probability depends on individual states
H Worthington, RS McCrea, R King, RA Griffiths
Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 24, 154-172, 2019
Unravelling patient pathways in the context of antibacterial resistance in East Africa
K Keenan, KJ Fredricks, MA Al Ahad, S Neema, JR Mwanga, M Kesby, ...
BMC Infectious Diseases 23 (1), 414, 2023
How ideas from ecological capture-recapture models may inform multiple systems estimation analyses
H Worthington, R McCrea, R King, KS Vincent
Crime & Delinquency 67 (13-14), 2278-2294, 2021
Modeling recruitment of birth cohorts to the breeding population: A hidden Markov model approach
H Worthington, R King, R McCrea, S Smout, P Pomeroy
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 600967, 2021
The Role of Multidimensional Poverty in Antibiotic Misuse: A Study of Self-Medication and Non-Adherence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
DL Green, K Keenan, SI Huque, M Kesby, MF Mushi, C Kansiime, ...
The statistical development of integrated multi-state stopover models
H Worthington
University of St Andrews, 2016
Termination in therapy: a comparison of cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy
HR Worthington
Annexe Thesis Digitisation Project 2017 Block 12, 2006
Analysing Mark-Recapture-Recovery Data in the Presence of Individual Time-Varying Continuous Covariates
R King, H Worthington, RA Campbell, ST Buckland
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