Sheng-Sheng Yu
Sheng-Sheng Yu
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Ester‐mediated amide bond formation driven by wet–dry cycles: A possible path to polypeptides on the prebiotic earth
JG Forsythe, SS Yu, I Mamajanov, MA Grover, R Krishnamurthy, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (34), 9871-9875, 2015
3D printable strain sensors from deep eutectic solvents and cellulose nanocrystals
CW Lai, SS Yu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (30), 34235-34244, 2020
Surveying the sequence diversity of model prebiotic peptides by mass spectrometry
JG Forsythe, AS Petrov, WC Millar, SS Yu, R Krishnamurthy, MA Grover, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (37), E7652-E7659, 2017
Collision cross section predictions using 2-dimensional molecular descriptors
MT Soper-Hopper, AS Petrov, JN Howard, SS Yu, JG Forsythe, MA Grover, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (54), 7624-7627, 2017
Elongation of model prebiotic proto-peptides by continuous monomer feeding
SS Yu, MD Solano, MK Blanchard, MT Soper-Hopper, R Krishnamurthy, ...
Macromolecules 50 (23), 9286-9294, 2017
Kinetics of prebiotic depsipeptide formation from the ester–amide exchange reaction
SS Yu, R Krishnamurthy, FM Fernández, NV Hud, FJ Schork, MA Grover
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (41), 28441-28450, 2016
A chemical engineering perspective on the origins of life
MA Grover, CY He, MC Hsieh, SS Yu
Processes 3 (2), 309-338, 2015
Cationic cellulose nanocrystals-based nanocomposite hydrogels: Achieving 3D printable capacitive sensors with high transparency and mechanical strength
PC Lai, SS Yu
Polymers 13 (5), 688, 2021
Group 4 metal-based metal—organic frameworks for chemical sensors
S Pal, SS Yu, CW Kung
Chemosensors 9 (11), 306, 2021
3D printing of thermal insulating polyimide/cellulose nanocrystal composite aerogels with low dimensional shrinkage
C Feng, SS Yu
Polymers 13 (21), 3614, 2021
Ester-mediated peptide formation promoted by deep eutectic solvents: a facile pathway to proto-peptides
CY Chien, SS Yu
Chemical Communications 56 (80), 11949-11952, 2020
3D Printing of Metal–Organic Framework-Based Ionogels: Wearable Sensors with Colorimetric and Mechanical Responses
S Pal, YZ Su, YW Chen, CH Yu, CW Kung, SS Yu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 14 (24), 28247-28257, 2022
Efficient visible-light-driven RAFT polymerization mediated by deep eutectic solvents under an open-to-air environment
CY Li, SS Yu
Macromolecules 54 (21), 9825-9836, 2021
Hierarchical Multiresolution Design of Bioinspired Structural Composites Using Progressive Reinforcement Learning
CH Yu, BY Tseng, Z Yang, CC Tung, E Zhao, ZF Ren, SS Yu, PY Chen, ...
Advanced Theory and Simulations 5 (11), 2200459, 2022
Thermally Induced Gelation of Cellulose Nanocrystals in Deep Eutectic Solvents for 3D Printable and Self-Healable Ionogels
PC Lai, ZF Ren, SS Yu
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4 (12), 9221-9230, 2022
3D Printable and Sub‐Micrometer Porous Polymeric Monoliths with Shape Reconfiguration Ability by Miniemulsion Templating
TH Lo, SS Yu
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 307 (1), 2100615, 2022
Ester-mediated amide bond formation: A possible path to proto-peptides on the early earth
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017
A Polyaniline‐Supported, Chromium‐Based Metal‐Organic Framework for Electrochemical Sensing of Cadmium (II)
E Roy, S Pal, CW Kung, SS Yu, A Nagar, CH Lin
ChemistrySelect 7 (42), e202203574, 2022
The effect of temperature on the kinetics of enhanced amide bond formation from lactic acid and valine driven by deep eutectic solvents
YT Tsai, CW Huang, SS Yu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (48), 27498-27507, 2021
An Engineering Approach for Sustainable Peptide Synthesis
SS Yu, CY Chien, CW Lai
한국고분자학회 학술대회 연구논문 초록집 44 (2), 39-39, 2019
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