Juan Maria Gonzalez Leal
Juan Maria Gonzalez Leal
Catedrático de Física de la Materia Condensada, Universidad de Cádiz
Потвърден имейл адрес: gm.uca.es
Optical properties of thermally evaporated amorphous As40S60− xSex films
JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Prieto-Alcon, JA Angel, E Marquez
Journal of non-crystalline solids 315 (1-2), 134-143, 2003
Optical-constant calculation of non-uniform thickness thin films of the Ge10As15Se75 chalcogenide glassy alloy in the sub-band-gap region (0.1–1.8 eV)
E Marquez, AM Bernal-Oliva, JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Prieto-Alcon, ...
Materials chemistry and physics 60 (3), 231-239, 1999
Influence of substrate absorption on the optical and geometrical characterization of thin dielectric films
JM González-Leal, R Prieto-Alcón, JA Angel, DA Minkov, E Márquez
Applied optics 41 (34), 7300-7308, 2002
Controlling the optical constants of thermally-evaporated Ge10Sb30S60 chalcogenide glass films by photodoping with silver
E Marquez, T Wagner, JM Gonzalez-Leal, AM Bernal-Oliva, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 274 (1-3), 62-68, 2000
On the optical constants of amorphous GexSe1− x thin films of non-uniform thickness prepared by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition
E Márquez, P Nagels, JM Gonzalez-Leal, AM Bernal-Oliva, E Sleeckx, ...
Vacuum 52 (1-2), 55-60, 1999
Photocatalytic TiO2 sol–gel thin films: Optical and morphological characterization
E Blanco, JM González-Leal, M Ramírez-del Solar
Solar Energy 122, 11-23, 2015
Optical properties of amorphous (As0. 33S0. 67) 100− xTex (x= 0, 1, 5 and 10) chalcogenide thin films, photodoped step-by-step with silver
E Márquez, JM González-Leal, AM Bernal-Oliva, R Jiménez-Garay, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (2-9), 503-508, 2008
Optical properties of thin-film ternary Ge10As15Se75 chalcogenide glasses
JM Gonzalez-Leal, A Ledesma, AM Bernal-Oliva, R Prieto-Alcon, ...
Materials Letters 39 (4), 232-239, 1999
Method for determining the optical constants of thin dielectric films with variable thickness using only their shrunk reflection spectra
JJ Ruíz-Pérez, JM González-Leal, DA Minkov, E Márquez
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 34 (16), 2489, 2001
Refractive-index dispersion and the optical-absorption edge of wedge-shaped thin films of metal-chalcogenide glasses
E Márquez, JM González-Leal, R Jiménez-Garay, SR Lukic, DM Petrovic
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 30 (4), 690, 1997
Highly stable ceria-zirconia-yttria supported Ni catalysts for syngas production by CO2 reforming of methane
MA Muñoz, JJ Calvino, JM Rodríguez-Izquierdo, G Blanco, DC Arias, ...
Applied Surface Science 426, 864-873, 2017
Derivation of the optical constants of thermally-evaporated uniform films of binary chalcogenide glasses using only their reflection spectra
JM Gonzalez-Leal, E Marquez, AM Bernal-Oliva, JJ Ruiz-Perez, ...
Thin Solid Films 317 (1-2), 223-227, 1998
On the irreversible photo-bleaching phenomenon in obliquely-evaporated GeS2 glass films
E Marquez, AM Bernal-Oliva, JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Prieto-Alcon, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 222, 250-257, 1997
Optical properties and structure of amorphous (As0. 33S0. 67) 100− xTex and GexSb40− xS60 chalcogenide semiconducting alloy films deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation
E Marquez, AM Bernal-Oliva, JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Prieto-Alcon, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 39 (9), 1793, 2006
Optical and structural characterisation of single and multilayer germanium/silicon monoxide systems
G Pérez, AM Bernal-Oliva, E Márquez, JM Gonzalez-Leal, C Morant, ...
Thin Solid Films 485 (1-2), 274-283, 2005
Determination of the surface roughness and refractive index of amorphous As40S60 films deposited by spin coating
JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Prieto-Alcon, M Stuchlik, M Vlcek, SR Elliott, ...
Optical Materials 27 (2), 147-154, 2004
Preparation and optical dispersion and absorption of Ag-photodoped GexSb40− xS60 (x= 10, 20 and 30) chalcogenide glass thin films
E Marquez, JM Gonzalez-Leal, AM Bernal-Oliva, T Wagner, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 40 (17), 5351, 2007
Thermally-and photo-induced changes in the structure and optical properties of amorphous As40S30Se30 films
E Marquez, JM Gonzalez-Leal, R Jimenez-Garay, M Vlcek
Thin Solid Films 396 (1-2), 184-191, 2001
The kinetics of the photo-induced solid-state chemical reaction in Ag/As33S67 bilayers and its reaction products
T Wagner, E Marquez, J Fernandez-Pena, JM González-Leal, PJS Ewen, ...
Philosophical Magazine B 79 (2), 223-237, 1999
Optical characterization of thermally evaporated thin films of As40S40Se20 chalcogenide glass by reflectance measurements
E Marquez, JM González-Leal, R Prieto-Alcón, M Vlcek, A Stronski, ...
Applied Physics A 67, 371-378, 1998
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