Dimitar Mehandjiev
Dimitar Mehandjiev
Professor, DSc in Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Потвърден имейл адрес: dir.bg
Activity and deactivation of Au/TiO2 catalyst in CO oxidation
P Konova, A Naydenov, C Venkov, D Mehandjiev, D Andreeva, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 213 (2), 235-240, 2004
Complete oxidation of benzene on manganese dioxide by ozone
A Naydenov, D Mehandjiev
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Preparation and characterization of a higher cobalt oxide
C St G, M Stoyanova, M Georgieva, D Mehandjiev
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Ozone decomposition, benzene and CO oxidation over NiMnO3-ilmenite and NiMn2O4-spinel catalysts
D Mehandjiev, A Naydenov, G Ivanov
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Ozone decomposition and CO oxidation on CeO2
A Naydenov, R Stoyanova, D Mehandjiev
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Catalytic oxidation of VOCs and CO by ozone over alumina supported cobalt oxide
P Konova, M Stoyanova, A Naydenov, D Mehandjiev
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Alumina-supported nickel oxide for ozone decomposition and catalytic ozonation of CO and VOCs
M Stoyanova, P Konova, P Nikolov, A Naydenov, D Mehandjiev
Chemical Engineering Journal 122 (1-2), 41-46, 2006
Coprecipitated CuO–MnOx catalysts for low-temperature CO–NO and CO–NO–O2 reactions
I Spassova, M Khristova, D Panayotov, D Mehandjiev
Journal of Catalysis 185 (1), 43-57, 1999
Catalytic and photocatalytic activity of lightly doped catalysts M: ZnO (M= Cu, Mn)
B Donkova, D Dimitrov, M Kostadinov, E Mitkova, D Mehandjiev
Materials Chemistry and Physics 123 (2-3), 563-568, 2010
Deactivation of nanosize gold supported on zirconia in CO oxidation
P Konova, A Naydenov, T Tabakova, D Mehandjiev
Catalysis Communications 5 (9), 537-542, 2004
Carbon monoxide oxidation on mixed spinels CuxCo3-xO4 (0≫×≫ 1) in the presence of sulphur compounds
S Angelov, D Mehandjiev, B Piperov, V Zarkov, A Terlecki-Baricevic, ...
Applied catalysis 16 (3), 431-437, 1985
Mechanism of decomposition of manganese (II) oxalate dihydrate and manganese (II) oxalate trihydrate
B Donkova, D Mehandjiev
Thermochimica acta 421 (1-2), 141-149, 2004
Decomposition of ozone on Ag/SiO2 catalyst for abatement of waste gases emissions
A Naydenov, P Konova, P Nikolov, F Klingstedt, N Kumar, D Kovacheva, ...
Catalysis today 137 (2-4), 471-474, 2008
Preparation and catalytic activity of nickel–manganese oxide catalysts with an ilmenite-type structure in the reactions of complete oxidation of hydrocarbons
D Mehandjiev, E Zhecheva, G Ivanov, R Ioncheva
Applied Catalysis A: General 167 (2), 277-282, 1998
Characterization of fayalite from copper slags
I Mihailova, D Mehandjiev
Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy 45 (3), 317-326, 2010
Ozone Decomposition on α-Fe2O3 Catalyst
D Mehandjiev, A Naidenov
Taylor & Francis Group 14 (4), 277-282, 1992
Effect of the precursor and the preparation method on copper based activated carbon catalysts for methanol decomposition to hydrogen and carbon monoxide☆
T Tsoncheva, S Vankova, D Mehandjiev
Fuel 82 (7), 755-763, 2003
Conversion of NO on Co-impregnated active carbon catalysts
D Mehandjiev, M Khristova, E Bekyarova
Carbon 34 (6), 757-762, 1996
Catalytic reduction of NO with CO on active carbon-supported copper, manganese, and copper–manganese oxides
NB Stankova, MS Khristova, DR Mehandjiev
Journal of colloid and interface science 241 (2), 439-447, 2001
Ozone decomposition over alumina-supported copper, manganese and copper-manganese catalysts
I Spasova, P Nikolov, D Mehandjiev
Ozone: Science and Engineering 29 (1), 41-45, 2007
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