Jessie D. Golding
Jessie D. Golding
Carnivore Research Associate, Rocky Mountain Research Station, US Forest Service
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Using environmental DNA methods to improve winter surveys for rare carnivores: DNA from snow and improved noninvasive techniques
TW Franklin, KS McKelvey, JD Golding, DH Mason, JC Dysthe, KL Pilgrim, ...
Biological Conservation 229, 50-58, 2019
Songbird response to rest-rotation and season-long cattle grazing in a grassland sagebrush ecosystem
JD Golding, VJ Dreitz
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Comparison of removal‐based methods for estimating abundance of five species of prairie songbirds
JD Golding, VJ Dreitz
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A multispecies dependent double‐observer model: a new method for estimating multispecies abundance
JD Golding, JJ Nowak, VJ Dreitz
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Multispecies mesocarnivore monitoring: USDA forest service multiregional monitoring approach
JD Golding, MK Schwartz, KS McKelvey, JR Squires, SD Jackson, ...
Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-388. Fort Collins, CO: US, Department of …, 2018
Assessing changes in avian communities
JD Golding
University of Montana, 2015
Dependent double‐observer method reduces false‐positive errors in auditory avian survey data
KM Strickfaden, DA Fagre, JD Golding, AH Harrington, KM Reintsma, ...
Ecological Applications 30 (2), e02026, 2020
Occupancy modeling and resampling overcomes low test sensitivity to produce accurate SARS-CoV-2 prevalence estimates
JS Sanderlin, JD Golding, T Wilcox, DH Mason, KS McKelvey, ...
BMC Public Health 21 (1), 1-10, 2021
Effective sampling area is a major driver of power to detect long‐term trends in multispecies occupancy monitoring
JM Tucker, KM Moriarty, MM Ellis, JD Golding
Ecosphere 12 (5), e03519, 2021
Improving Population Monitoring of Wolverines by Integrating Noninvasive Genetic Monitoring and Remote Camera Trapping
N Bealer, K Paul, J Golding, K Pilgrim, M Hebblewhite, KS McKelvey
Effort and Trade-Offs for Effective Multispecies Carnivore Monitoring
JM Tucker, KM Moriarty, ME Ellis, JD Golding
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
Goal Efficient Monitoring: A Novel Approach for Monitoring Rare Species
JD Golding, KS McKelvey, SD Jackson, JJ Millspaugh, MK Schwartz
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
Reinvigorating rare: skills and theory to support conservation of rare species
JD Golding, H Specht
American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 Joint Annual Conference, 2019
Fishers and martens and lynx, oh my! Multiregional, goal efficient monitoring of mesocarnivores
J Golding
Science You Can Use (in 5 minutes). Fort Collins, CO: Rocky Mountain …, 2019
A Multispecies Monitoring Approach for Mesocarivores in the US Northern Rockies
JD Golding, MK Schwartz, K McKelvey, C Staab, S Jackson, R Sadak
Intermountain Journal of Sciences 23 (1-4), 71-71, 2017
Assessing Grazing as a Conservation Tool in Sagebrush and Grassland Ecosystems
J Golding, VJ Dreitz
Intermountain Journal of Sciences 22 (4), 105-105, 2016
DRAFT Coastal Marten: Areas of Interest Survey Protocol DRAFT
K Moriarty, M Linnell, B Barry, J Golding, J Tucker
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