Stef Lhermitte
Stef Lhermitte
Associate research professor @ KULeuven & TUDelft
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Modelling the climate and surface mass balance of polar ice sheets using RACMO2: Part 2: Antarctica (1979-2016)
JM Van Wessem, W Jan Van De Berg, BPY Noël, E Van Meijgaard, ...
Cryosphere 12 (4), 1479-1498, 2018
A comparison of time series similarity measures for classification and change detection of ecosystem dynamics
S Lhermitte, J Verbesselt, WW Verstraeten, P Coppin
Remote sensing of environment 115 (12), 3129-3152, 2011
Modelling the climate and surface mass balance of polar ice sheets using RACMO2-Part 1: Greenland (1958-2016)
B Noël, WJ van de Berg, V Wessem, J Melchior, E Van Meijgaard, ...
Cryosphere 12 (3), 811-831, 2018
Clouds enhance Greenland ice sheet meltwater runoff
K Van Tricht, S Lhermitte, JTM Lenaerts, IV Gorodetskaya, TS L’Ecuyer, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 10266, 2016
The effect of atmospheric and topographic correction methods on land cover classification accuracy
S Vanonckelen, S Lhermitte, A Van Rompaey
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 24, 9-21, 2013
The impact of the African Great Lakes on the regional climate
W Thiery, EL Davin, HJ Panitz, M Demuzere, S Lhermitte, N Van Lipzig
Journal of Climate 28 (10), 4061-4085, 2015
A model quantifying global vegetation resistance and resilience to short‐term climate anomalies and their relationship with vegetation cover
W De Keersmaecker, S Lhermitte, L Tits, O Honnay, B Somers, P Coppin
Global Ecology and Biogeography 24 (5), 539-548, 2015
The temporal dimension of differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR) fire/burn severity studies: The case of the large 2007 Peloponnese wildfires in Greece
S Veraverbeke, S Lhermitte, WW Verstraeten, R Goossens
Remote Sensing of Environment 114 (11), 2548-2563, 2010
Meltwater produced by wind–albedo interaction stored in an East Antarctic ice shelf
JTM Lenaerts, S Lhermitte, R Drews, SRM Ligtenberg, S Berger, V Helm, ...
Nature climate change 7 (1), 58-62, 2017
Rapid ablation zone expansion amplifies north Greenland mass loss
B Noël, WJ van de Berg, S Lhermitte, MR van den Broeke
Science advances 5 (9), eaaw0123, 2019
A daily, 1 km resolution data set of downscaled Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance (1958–2015)
B Noël, WJ van de Berg, H Machguth, S Lhermitte, I Howat, X Fettweis, ...
The Cryosphere 10 (5), 2361-2377, 2016
Sensitivity of Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance to surface albedo parameterization: a study with a regional climate model
JH van Angelen, JTM Lenaerts, S Lhermitte, X Fettweis, PK Munneke, ...
The Cryosphere 6, 2012
Wind effects on snow cover in Pascua-Lama, Dry Andes of Chile
S Gascoin, S Lhermitte, C Kinnard, K Bortels, GE Liston
Advances in water resources 55, 25-39, 2013
Glacier contribution to streamflow in two headwaters of the Huasco River, Dry Andes of Chile
S Gascoin, C Kinnard, R Ponce, S Macdonell, S Lhermitte, A Rabatel
The Cryosphere 5, 1099-1113, 2011
Damage accelerates ice shelf instability and mass loss in Amundsen Sea Embayment
S Lhermitte, S Sun, C Shuman, B Wouters, F Pattyn, J Wuite, E Berthier, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (40), 24735-24741, 2020
Evaluating satellite and climate data-derived indices as fire risk indicators in savanna ecosystems
J Verbesselt, P Jonsson, S Lhermitte, J van Aardt, P Coppin
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 44 (6), 1622-1632, 2006
Hazardous thunderstorm intensification over Lake Victoria
W Thiery, EL Davin, SI Seneviratne, K Bedka, S Lhermitte, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 12786, 2016
A tipping point in refreezing accelerates mass loss of Greenland’s glaciers and ice caps
B Noël, WJ van de Berg, S Lhermitte, B Wouters, H Machguth, I Howat, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
How to measure ecosystem stability? An evaluation of the reliability of stability metrics based on remote sensing time series across the major global ecosystems
W De Keersmaecker, S Lhermitte, O Honnay, J Farifteh, B Somers, ...
Global change biology 20 (7), 2149-2161, 2014
Hierarchical image segmentation based on similarity of NDVI time series
S Lhermitte, J Verbesselt, I Jonckheere, K Nackaerts, JAN van Aardt, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (2), 506-521, 2008
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