Robert Jeffrey Hogan
Robert Jeffrey Hogan
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Programming the magnitude and persistence of antibody responses with innate immunity
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Activated antigen-specific CD8+ T cells persist in the lungs following recovery from respiratory virus infections
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Discovery of ketone-based covalent inhibitors of coronavirus 3CL proteases for the potential therapeutic treatment of COVID-19
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Ebola and Marburg viruses replicate in monocyte-derived dendritic cells without inducing the production of cytokines and full maturation
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Protection from Respiratory Virus Infections Can Be Mediated by Antigen-Specific Cd4+ T Cells That Persist in the Lungs
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John Holland's vocational typology and personality theory
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Characterization and noncovalent inhibition of the deubiquitinase and deISGylase activity of SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease
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Antigen-specific CD8+ T cells persist in the upper respiratory tract following influenza virus infection
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Comparative evaluation of two severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) vaccine candidates in mice challenged with SARS coronavirus
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Influences of glycosylation on antigenicity, immunogenicity, and protective efficacy of ebola virus GP DNA vaccines
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Treatment of influenza and SARS-CoV-2 infections via mRNA-encoded Cas13a in rodents
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Resolution of primary severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus infection requires Stat1
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Long-term maintenance of virus-specific effector memory CD8+ T cells in the lung airways depends on proliferation
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Macaque model for severe acute respiratory syndrome
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Lymphotoxin-α-deficient mice make delayed, but effective, T and B cell responses to influenza
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Rabies virus expressing dendritic cell-activating molecules enhances the innate and adaptive immune response to vaccination
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Protective cytotoxic T-cell responses induced by venezuelan equine encephalitis virus replicons expressing Ebola virus proteins
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Protective immunity against H5N1 influenza virus by a single dose vaccination with virus-like particles
JM Song, J Hossain, DG Yoo, AS Lipatov, CT Davis, FS Quan, LM Chen, ...
Virology 405 (1), 165-175, 2010
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