Ryan S. King
Ryan S. King
Department of Biology, Baylor University
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Spatial considerations for linking watershed land cover to ecological indicators in streams
RS King, ME Baker, DF Whigham, DE Weller, TE Jordan, PF Kazyak, ...
Ecological Applications 15 (1), 137-153, 2005
A new method for detecting and interpreting biodiversity and ecological community thresholds
ME Baker, RS King
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1 (1), 25-37, 2010
Two statistical methods for the detection of environmental thresholds
SS Qian, RS King, CJ Richardson
Ecological Modelling 166 (1-2), 87-97, 2003
Use of Aquatic Insects in Biomonitoring
DM Rosenberg, VH Resh, RS King
An introduction to the aquatic insects of North America. 4th edition …, 2008
Evaluating subsampling approaches and macroinvertebrate taxonomic resolution for wetland bioassessment
RS King, CJ Richardson
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 21 (1), 150-171, 2002
How many mountains can we mine? Assessing the regional degradation of Central Appalachian rivers by surface coal mining
ES Bernhardt, BD Lutz, RS King, JP Fay, CE Carter, AM Helton, ...
Environmental Science & Technology, 2012
Thresholds, breakpoints, and nonlinearity in freshwaters as related to management
WK Dodds, WH Clements, K Gido, RH Hilderbrand, RS King
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29 (3), 988-997, 2010
Integrating bioassessment and ecological risk assessment: an approach to developing numerical water-quality criteria
RS King, CJ Richardson
Environmental Management 31 (6), 795-809, 2003
How novel is too novel? Stream community thresholds at exceptionally low levels of catchment urbanization
RS King, ME Baker, P Kazyak, D Weller
Ecological Applications 21 (5), 1659-1678, 2011
Threshold effects of coastal urbanization on Phragmites australis (common reed) abundance and foliar nitrogen in Chesapeake Bay
RS King, WV Deluca, DF Whigham, PP Marra
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Considerations for analyzing ecological community thresholds in response to anthropogenic environmental gradients
RS King, ME Baker
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29 (3), 998-1008, 2010
Spatial dependency of vegetation–environment linkages in an anthropogenically influenced wetland ecosystem
RS King, CJ Richardson, DL Urban, EA Romanowicz
Ecosystems 7, 75-97, 2004
Estimating ecological thresholds for phosphorus in the Everglades
CJ Richardson, RS King, SS Qian, P Vaithiyanathan, RG Qualls, CA Stow
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Does nutrient enrichment decouple algal–bacterial production in periphyton?
JT Scott, JA Back, JM Taylor, RS King
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Freshwater eutrophication drives sharp reductions in temporal beta diversity
SC Cook, L Housley, JA Back, RS King
Ecology 99 (1), 47-56, 2018
Regional, watershed and local correlates of blue crab and bivalve abundances in subestuaries of Chesapeake Bay, USA
RS King, AH Hines, FD Craige, S Grap
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 319 (1-2), 101-116, 2005
Watershed land use is strongly linked to PCBs in white perch in Chesapeake Bay subestuaries
RS King, JR Beaman, DF Whigham, AH Hines, ME Baker, DE Weller
Environmental Science & Technology 38 (24), 6546-6552, 2004
Nonlinear response of stream ecosystem structure to low-level phosphorus enrichment
JM Taylor, RS King, AA Pease, KO Winemiller
Freshwater Biology 59 (5), 969-984 DOI: 10.1111/fwb, 2014
Nitrogen fixation and phosphatase activity in periphyton growing on nutrient diffusing substrata: evidence for differential nutrient limitation in stream periphyton
JT Scott, DA Lang, RS King, RD Doyle
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28 (1), 57-68, 2009
Subsidy–stress response of macroinvertebrate community biomass to a phosphorus gradient in an oligotrophic wetland ecosystem
RS King, CJ Richardson
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 26 (3), 491-508, 2007
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