Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman
Associate Professor, Uppsala University
Потвърден имейл адрес: physics.uu.se
Daubechies wavelets as a basis set for density functional pseudopotential calculations
L Genovese, A Neelov, S Goedecker, T Deutsch, SA Ghasemi, A Willand, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 129 (1), 2008
Atomistic spin dynamics: foundations and applications
O Eriksson, A Bergman, L Bergqvist, J Hellsvik
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Interatomic exchange interactions for finite-temperature magnetism and nonequilibrium spin dynamics
A Szilva, M Costa, A Bergman, L Szunyogh, L Nordström, O Eriksson
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Electronic structure and magnetic properties of L 1 0 binary alloys
A Edström, J Chico, A Jakobsson, A Bergman, J Rusz
Physical Review B 90 (1), 014402, 2014
Topological excitations in a kagome magnet (vol 5, 4815, 2014)
M Pereiro, D Yudin, J Chico, C Etz, O Eriksson, A Bergman
Standard model of the rare earths analyzed from the Hubbard I approximation
ILM Locht, YO Kvashnin, DCM Rodrigues, M Pereiro, A Bergman, ...
Physical Review B 94 (8), 085137, 2016
Magnetic structures of small Fe, Mn, and Cr clusters supported on Cu (111): Noncollinear first-principles calculations
A Bergman, L Nordström, A Burlamaqui Klautau, S Frota-Pessôa, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 75 (22), 224425, 2007
Magnetic interactions of Mn clusters supported on Cu
A Bergman, L Nordström, AB Klautau, S Frota-Pessôa, O Eriksson
Physical Review B 73 (17), 174434, 2006
Relativistic exchange interactions in (, Br, I) monolayers
YO Kvashnin, A Bergman, AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson
Physical Review B 102 (11), 115162, 2020
Anomalous Phonon Lifetime Shortening in Paramagnetic CrN Caused by Spin-Lattice Coupling: A Combined Spin and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study
I Stockem, A Bergman, A Glensk, T Hickel, F Körmann, B Grabowski, ...
Physical Review Letters 121 (12), 125902, 2018
Local dynamics of topological magnetic defects in the itinerant helimagnet FeGe
A Dussaux, P Schönherr, K Koumpouras, J Chico, K Chang, L Lorenzelli, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 12430, 2016
Ultrafast generation and dynamics of isolated skyrmions in antiferromagnetic insulators
R Khoshlahni, A Qaiumzadeh, A Bergman, A Brataas
Physical Review B 99 (5), 054423, 2019
Atomistic spin dynamics and surface magnons
C Etz, L Bergqvist, A Bergman, A Taroni, O Eriksson
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (24), 243202, 2015
General method for atomistic spin-lattice dynamics with first-principles accuracy
J Hellsvik, D Thonig, K Modin, D Iuşan, A Bergman, O Eriksson, ...
Physical Review B 99 (10), 104302, 2019
Tunable damping, saturation magnetization, and exchange stiffness of half-Heusler NiMnSb thin films
P Dürrenfeld, F Gerhard, J Chico, RK Dumas, M Ranjbar, A Bergman, ...
Physical Review B 92 (21), 214424, 2015
Magnetic properties and disorder effects in diluted magnetic semiconductors
L Bergqvist, O Eriksson, J Kudrnovský, V Drchal, A Bergman, L Nordström, ...
Physical Review B 72 (19), 195210, 2005
Atomistic spin dynamics of low-dimensional magnets
L Bergqvist, A Taroni, A Bergman, C Etz, O Eriksson
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Conditions for noncollinear instabilities of ferromagnetic materials
R Lizárraga, L Nordström, L Bergqvist, A Bergman, E Sjöstedt, P Mohn, ...
Physical review letters 93 (10), 107205, 2004
Magnon softening in a ferromagnetic monolayer: A first-principles spin dynamics study
A Bergman, A Taroni, L Bergqvist, J Hellsvik, B Hjörvarsson, O Eriksson
Physical Review B 81 (14), 144416, 2010
The Bethe-Slater curve revisited; new insights from electronic structure theory
R Cardias, A Szilva, A Bergman, ID Marco, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 4058, 2017
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