Frank Peiris
Frank Peiris
Professor, Kenyon College
Потвърден имейл адрес: kenyon.edu
Quantum‐dot cellular automata at a molecular scale
M Lieberman, S Chellamma, B Varughese, Y Wang, C Lent, GH Bernstein, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 960 (1), 225-239, 2002
Photochemically and thermally tunable planar defects in colloidal photonic crystals
F Fleischhaker, AC Arsenault, V Kitaev, FC Peiris, G von Freymann, ...
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3D Hexagonal (R‐3m) Mesostructured Nanocrystalline Titania Thin Films: Synthesis and Characterization
SY Choi, B Lee, DB Carew, M Mamak, FC Peiris, S Speakman, N Chopra, ...
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Inside Front Cover: Redox‐Tunable Defects in Colloidal Photonic Crystals (Adv. Mater. 20/2005)
F Fleischhaker, AC Arsenault, Z Wang, V Kitaev, FC Peiris, ...
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Electrochromic bragg mirror: ECBM
E Redel, J Mlynarski, J Moir, FM Ali, C Huai, S Petrov, MG Helander, ...
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DNA designer defects in photonic crystals: optically monitored biochemistry
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Dielectric functions and critical points of alloys measured by spectroscopic ellipsometry
MR Buckley, FC Peiris, O Maksimov, M Munoz, MC Tamargo
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Cavity-enhanced linear dichroism in a van der Waals antiferromagnet
H Zhang, Z Ni, CE Stevens, A Bai, F Peiris, JR Hendrickson, L Wu, ...
Nature Photonics 16 (4), 311-317, 2022
Micro-Brillouin scattering from a single isolated nanosphere
Y Li, HS Lim, SC Ng, ZK Wang, MH Kuok, E Vekris, V Kitaev, FC Peiris, ...
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ZnMgSe/ZnCdSe and ZnMgSe/ZnSeTe distributed Bragg reflectors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
FC Peiris, S Lee, U Bindley, JK Furdyna
Journal of applied physics 86 (2), 719-724, 1999
A prism coupler technique for characterizing thin film II–VI semiconductor systems
FC Peiris, S Lee, U Bindley, JK Furdyna
Journal of applied physics 84 (9), 5194-5197, 1998
Unusual elastic constants of cubic MnTe in strained-layer superlattices measured by x-ray diffraction
JR Buschert, FC Peiris, N Samarth, H Luo, JK Furdyna
Physical Review B 49 (7), 4619, 1994
Wavelength dependence of the indices of refraction of molecular beam epitaxy-grown ZnMgSe and ZnCdSe thin films measured by two complementary techniques
FC Peiris, S Lee, U Bindley, JK Furdyna
Journal of applied physics 86 (2), 918-922, 1999
Living photolytic ring‐opening polymerization of amino‐functionalized [1] ferrocenophanes: synthesis and layer‐by‐layer self‐assembly of well‐defined water‐soluble …
Z Wang, G Masson, FC Peiris, GA Ozin, I Manners
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (33), 9372-9383, 2007
Building Materials from Colloidal Nanocrystal Arrays: Evolution of Structure, Composition, and Mechanical Properties upon the Removal of Ligands by O2 Plasma.
S Shaw, JL Colaux, JL Hay, FC Peiris, L Cademartiri
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 28 (40), 8900-8905, 2016
Electronic and structural properties of II-VI ternary alloys and superlattices
MH Tsai, FC Peiris, S Lee, JK Furdyna
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Optical spectra of wide band gap BexZn1−x Se alloys
AM Mintairov, S Raymond, JL Merz, FC Peiris, S Lee, U Bindley, ...
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Visible-near ultraviolet ellipsometric study of and alloys
H Lee, IY Kim, J Powell, DE Aspnes, S Lee, F Peiris, JK Furdyna
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MnSe: Rocksalt versus zinc-blende structure
H Kim, R Vogelgesang, AK Ramdas, FC Peiris, U Bindley, JK Furdyna
Physical Review B 58 (11), 6700, 1998
Innovations in nanoscience education at Kenyon College
TS Sullivan, MS Geiger, JS Keller, JT Klopcic, FC Peiris, BW Schumacher, ...
IEEE Transactions on Education 51 (2), 234-241, 2008
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