M. Nazre Saleh
M. Nazre Saleh
Faculty of Forestry & Environment, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Потвърден имейл адрес: upm.edu.my
Vinca alkaloids
M Moudi, R Go, CYS Yien, M Nazre
International journal of preventive medicine 4 (11), 1231, 2013
Medicinal plant diversity and vegetation analysis of logged over hill forest of Tekai Tembeling Forest Reserve, Jerantut, Pahang
N Eswani, K Abd Kudus, M Nazre, AGA Noor, M Ali
Journal of Agricultural Science 2 (3), 189, 2010
DNA Barcoding of the Endangered Aquilaria (Thymelaeaceae) and Its Application in Species Authentication of Agarwood Products Traded in the Market
SY Lee, WL Ng, MN Mahat, M Nazre, R Mohamed
PloS one 11 (4), e0154631, 2016
Oceanic currents, not land masses, maintain the genetic structure of the mangrove Rhizophora mucronata Lam. (Rhizophoraceae) in Southeast Asia
AKS Wee, K Takayama, T Asakawa, B Thompson, S Sungkaew, NX Tung, ...
Journal of biogeography 41 (5), 954-964, 2014
Genetic differentiation and phylogeography of partially sympatric species complex Rhizophora mucronata Lam. and R. stylosa Griff. using SSR markers
AKS Wee, K Takayama, JL Chua, T Asakawa, SH Meenakshisundaram, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 15, 1-13, 2015
Assessment of plant species diversity at pasir tengkorak forest reserve, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
MSA Hayat, K Abd Kudus
Journal of Agricultural Science 2 (1), 31, 2010
Abundance and distribution of climbers in a coastal hill forest in Perak, Malaysia
S Ghollasimood, I Faridah-Hanum, M Nazre
Journal of Agricultural Science 4 (5), 245, 2012
New evidence on the origin of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) based on morphology and ITS sequence
M Nazre
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 61 (6), 1147-1158, 2014
Notes on the distribution and ecology of Aquilaria Lam.(Thymelaeaceae) in Malaysia
I Faridah-Hanum, MZ Mustapa, P Lepun, TI Tuan Marina, M Nazre, R Alan, ...
Malaysian Forester 72 (2), 247-259, 2009
An annotated checklist of higher plants in Ayer Hitam forest reserve, Puchong, Selangor
IF Hanum, AZ Ibrahim, S Khamis, M Nazre, P Lepun, G Rusea, JJ Lajuni, ...
Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science 24 (1), 63-78, 2001
Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of X3ZN (X = Ca, Sr, Ba; Z = As, Sb, Bi) Anti-Perovskite Compounds
I Ullah, G Murtaza, R Khenata, A Mahmood, M Muzzamil, N Amin, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45, 3059-3068, 2016
Vicariance and Oceanic Barriers Drive Contemporary Genetic Structure of Widespread Mangrove Species Sonneratia alba J. Sm in the Indo-West Pacific
AKS Wee, JXH Teo, JL Chua, K Takayama, T Asakawa, ...
Forests 8 (12), 483, 2017
Temporal and spatial expression of terpene synthase genes associated with agarwood formation in Aquilaria malaccensis Lam
AB Azzarina, R Mohamed, SY Lee, M Nazre
New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 46, 1-13, 2016
Historical review and notes on the correct scientific name for seashore mangosteen
M Nazre
Genetic resources and crop evolution 57, 1249-1259, 2010
Bruguiera hainesii, a critically endangered mangrove species, is a hybrid between B. cylindrica and B. gymnorhiza (Rhizophoraceae)
J Ono, JWH Yong, K Takayama, MNB Saleh, AKS Wee, T Asakawa, ...
Conservation Genetics 17, 1137-1144, 2016
Determination of the chromosome number and genome size of Garcinia mangostana L. via cytogenetics, flow cytometry and k-mer analyses
MR Midin, MS Nordin, M Madon, MN Saleh, HH Goh, N Mohd Noor
Caryologia 71 (1), 35-44, 2018
Genetic Structure and Population Demographic History of a Widespread Mangrove Plant Xylocarpus granatum J. Koenig across the Indo-West Pacific Region
Y Tomizawa, Y Tsuda, MN Saleh, AKS Wee, K Takayama, T Yamamoto, ...
Forests 8 (12), 480, 2017
Genetic structures across a biogeographical barrier reflect dispersal potential of four Southeast Asian mangrove plant species
AKS Wee, AME Noreen, J Ono, K Takayama, PP Kumar, HTW Tan, ...
Journal of Biogeography 47 (6), 1258-1271, 2020
Characterization of Riparian Plant Community in Lowland Forest of Peninsular Malaysia
M Azliza, M Nazre, MK Mohamad-Roslan, K Shamsul
International Journal of Botany 4 (8), 181-191, 2012
Phylogenetic relationships of locally cultivated Garcinia species with some wild relatives
M Nazre, MM Clyde, A Latiff
Malaysian Applied Biology 36 (1), 31, 2007
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