John L. Quinn
John L. Quinn
School of BEES, University College Cork, Ireland
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Variation in personality and behavioural plasticity across four populations of the great tit Parus major
NJ Dingemanse, KM Bouwman, M van de Pol, T van Overveld, SC Patrick, ...
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Microbiota and the social brain
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Personality and problem-solving performance explain competitive ability in the wild
EF Cole, JL Quinn
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Personality predicts individual responsiveness to the risks of starvation and predation
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Predator‐hunting success and prey vulnerability: Quantifying the spatial scale over which lethal and non‐lethal effects of predation occur
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Multiple effects of weather on the starvation and predation risk trade-off in choice of feeding location in Redshanks
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Good foragers can also be good at detecting predators
W Cresswell, JL Quinn, MJ Whittingham, S Butler
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2003
Shy birds play it safe: personality in captivity predicts risk responsiveness during reproduction in the wild
EF Cole, JL Quinn
Biology letters 10 (5), 20140178, 2014
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