Volodymyr  L. Makarov
Volodymyr L. Makarov
Head of Department of Computational mathematics, Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine
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Solvation and hydration of proteins and nucleic acids: a theoretical view of simulation and experiment
V Makarov, BM Pettitt, M Feig
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Difference schemes for differential equations with generalized solutions
AA Samarskii, RD Lazarov, VL Makarov
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VL Makarov
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Methods of operator interpolation
VL Makarov, VV Chlobystov, LA Janovyč
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Solution of a boundary value problem for a quasilinear equation of parabolic type with nonclassical boundary condition
VL Makarov, DT Kulyev
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Eigenvalue Problem for the Second Order Differential Equation with Nonlocal
B Bandyrskii, I Lazurchak, V Makarov, M Sapagovas
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Application of exact difference schemes to the estimation of the rate of convergence for the method of lines
VL Makarov, AA Samarskii
Zhurnal Vychislitel'noi Matematiki i Matematicheskoi Fiziki 20 (2), 371-387, 1980
Exact and truncated difference schemes for boundary value ODEs
I Gavrilyuk, M Hermann, V Makarov, MV Kutniv
Springer Science & Business Media, 2011
Algorithms without accuracy saturation for evolution equations in Hilbert and Banach spaces
I Gavrilyuk, V Makarov
Mathematics of Computation 74 (250), 555-583, 2005
Holey Fibers with 0.4-32-mum-Lattice-Constant Photonic Band-Gap Cladding: Fabrication, Characterization, and Nonlinear-Optical Measurements
AB Fedotov, MV Alfimov, AA Ivanov, AV Tarasishin, VI Beloglazov, ...
LASER PHYSICS-LAWRENCE- 11 (1), 138-145, 2001
Exponentially convergent algorithms for abstract differential equations
I Gavrilyuk, V Makarov, V Vasylyk
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A Two Point Difference Scheme of an Arbitrary Order of Accuracy for BVPS for Systems of First Order Nonlinear Odes
VL Makarov, IP Gavrilyuk, MV Kutniv, M Hermann
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics 4 (4), 464-493, 2004
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