Louis Soussand
Louis Soussand
Banque Nationale de Données Maladies Rares, Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
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A human depression circuit derived from focal brain lesions
JL Padmanabhan, D Cooke, J Joutsa, SH Siddiqi, M Ferguson, RR Darby, ...
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Probabilistic mapping of the antidystonic effect of pallidal neurostimulation: a multicentre imaging study
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Looking beyond the face area: lesion network mapping of prosopagnosia
AL Cohen, L Soussand, SL Corrow, O Martinaud, JJS Barton, MD Fox
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Lesions causing hallucinations localize to one common brain network
NY Kim, J Hsu, D Talmasov, J Joutsa, L Soussand, O Wu, NS Rost, ...
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Mapping migraine to a common brain network
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Neuroimaging in Parkinson’s disease dementia: connecting the dots
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Mapping mania symptoms based on focal brain damage
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Tuber locations associated with infantile spasms map to a common brain network
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Mapping lesion-related epilepsy to a human brain network
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JAMA neurology 80 (9), 891-902, 2023
Face-processing performance is an independent predictor of social affect as measured by the autism diagnostic observation schedule across large-scale datasets
I Zagury-Orly, MR Kroeck, L Soussand, AL Cohen
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 52 (2), 674-688, 2022
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the care of rare and undiagnosed diseases patients in France: a longitudinal population-based study
L Soussand, M Kuchenbuch, C Messiaen, A Sandrin, AS Jannot, ...
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 17 (1), 430, 2022
GSP1000 preprocessed connectome
A Cohen, L Soussand, P McManus, M Fox
V3. Harvard Dataverse, 2020
10 years of CEMARA database in the AnDDI-Rares network: a unique resource facilitating research and epidemiology in developmental disorders in France
C Messiaen, C Racine, A Khatim, L Soussand, S Odent, D Lacombe, ...
Orphanet journal of rare diseases 16, 1-14, 2021
French data on the epidemiology and expert healthcare network for epidermolysis bullosa.
C Bodemer, L Soussand, A Sandrin, A Khatim, A Sauvestre, N Elarouci, ...
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology 37 (5), 2023
Overview of patients’ cohorts in the French National rare disease registry
T Pichon, C Messiaen, L Soussand, C Angin, A Sandrin, N Elarouci, ...
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Lesion-related epilepsy maps to a common brain network (P2-1.003)
F Schaper, J Nordberg, A Cohen, C Lin, J Hsu, A Horn, M Ferguson, ...
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Identifying a Gait Circuit from Focal Stroke Lesions and Deep Brain Stimulation Connectivity in Parkinson’s Disease (2910)
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Lesion Network Mapping of Mania Symptoms Caused by Focal Brain Lesions
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Identifying brain stimulation targets for migraine using coordinate-based network mapping
M Burke, J Joutsa, A Cohen, L Soussand, R Burstein, M Fox
Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in …, 2019
Un demi-million de patients avec un diagnostic précis enregistrés dans le registre national français des maladies rares: des opportunités pour la recherche clinique
AS Jannot, T Pichon, C Messiaen, L Soussand, C Angin, A Sandrin, ...
Revue d'Épidémiologie et de Santé Publique 71, 101543, 2023
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