Jonathan J. Finley
Jonathan J. Finley
Professor of Semiconductor Quantum Nanoscience
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Optically programmable electron spin memory using semiconductor quantum dots
M Kroutvar, Y Ducommun, D Heiss, M Bichler, D Schuh, G Abstreiter, ...
Nature 432 (7013), 81-84, 2004
Inverted electron-hole alignment in InAs-GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
PW Fry, IE Itskevich, DJ Mowbray, MS Skolnick, JJ Finley, JA Barker, ...
Physical review letters 84 (4), 733, 2000
Direct observation of controlled coupling in an individual quantum dot molecule
HJ Krenner, M Sabathil, EC Clark, A Kress, D Schuh, M Bichler, ...
Physical Review Letters 94 (5), 057402, 2005
Observation of extremely slow hole spin relaxation in self-assembled quantum dots
D Heiss, S Schaeck, H Huebl, M Bichler, G Abstreiter, JJ Finley, ...
Physical Review B 76 (24), 241306, 2007
Charged and neutral exciton complexes in individual self-assembled In (Ga) As quantum dots
JJ Finley, AD Ashmore, A Lemaître, DJ Mowbray, MS Skolnick, ...
Physical Review B 63 (7), 073307, 2001
Electrical detection of optically induced charge storage in self-assembled InAs quantum dots
JJ Finley, M Skalitz, M Arzberger, A Zrenner, G Böhm, G Abstreiter
Applied physics letters 73 (18), 2618-2620, 1998
Lasing from individual GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowires up to room temperature
B Mayer, D Rudolph, J Schnell, S Morkötter, J Winnerl, J Treu, K Müller, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2931, 2013
Explanation of photon correlations in the far-off-resonance optical emission from a quantum-dot–cavity system
M Winger, T Volz, G Tarel, S Portolan, A Badolato, KJ Hennessy, EL Hu, ...
Physical review letters 103 (20), 207403, 2009
Direct-bandgap emission from hexagonal Ge and SiGe alloys
EMT Fadaly, A Dijkstra, JR Suckert, D Ziss, MAJ Van Tilburg, C Mao, ...
Nature 580 (7802), 205-209, 2020
Observation of multicharged excitons and biexcitons in a single InGaAs quantum dot
JJ Finley, PW Fry, AD Ashmore, A Lemaître, AI Tartakovskii, R Oulton, ...
Physical Review B 63 (16), 161305, 2001
A waveguide-coupled on-chip single-photon source
A Laucht, S Pütz, T Günthner, N Hauke, R Saive, S Frédérick, M Bichler, ...
Physical Review X 2 (1), 011014, 2012
Electrical control of spontaneous emission and strong coupling for a single quantum dot
A Laucht, F Hofbauer, N Hauke, J Angele, S Stobbe, M Kaniber, G Böhm, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (2), 023034, 2009
Manipulation of the spontaneous emission dynamics of quantum dots in two-dimensional photonic crystals
A Kress, F Hofbauer, N Reinelt, M Kaniber, HJ Krenner, R Meyer, G Böhm, ...
Physical Review B 71 (24), 241304, 2005
Photonic crystal nanostructures for optical biosensing applications
D Dorfner, T Zabel, T Hürlimann, N Hauke, L Frandsen, U Rant, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24 (12), 3688-3692, 2009
Growth kinetics in position-controlled and catalyst-free InAs nanowire arrays on Si (111) grown by selective area molecular beam epitaxy
S Hertenberger, D Rudolph, M Bichler, JJ Finley, G Abstreiter, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (11), 114316, 2010
Investigation of the nonresonant dot-cavity coupling in two-dimensional photonic crystal nanocavities
M Kaniber, A Laucht, A Neumann, JM Villas-Bôas, M Bichler, MC Amann, ...
Physical Review B 77 (16), 161303, 2008
Emitters of N-photon bundles
CS Muñoz, E Del Valle, AG Tudela, K Müller, S Lichtmannecker, ...
Nature photonics 8 (7), 550-555, 2014
Quantum-confined Stark shifts of charged exciton complexes in quantum dots
JJ Finley, M Sabathil, P Vogl, G Abstreiter, R Oulton, AI Tartakovskii, ...
Physical Review B 70 (20), 201308, 2004
Fine structure of charged and neutral excitons in InAs-Al 0.6 Ga 0.4 As quantum dots
JJ Finley, DJ Mowbray, MS Skolnick, AD Ashmore, C Baker, AFG Monte, ...
Physical Review B 66 (15), 153316, 2002
Direct observation of a noncatalytic growth regime for GaAs nanowires
D Rudolph, S Hertenberger, S Bolte, W Paosangthong, D Spirkoska, ...
Nano letters 11 (9), 3848-3854, 2011
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