Mojtaba Ziaee
Mojtaba Ziaee
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Maragheh University of Medical Sciences
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Cinnamon, a promising prospect towards Alzheimer’s disease
S Momtaz, S Hassani, F Khan, M Ziaee, M Abdollahi
Pharmacological research 130, 241-258, 2018
Cardioprotective effects of essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia on isoproterenol-induced acute myocardial infarction in rat
M Ziaee, A Khorrami, M Ebrahimi, H Nourafcan, M Amiraslanzadeh, ...
Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research: IJPR 14 (1), 279, 2015
CoQ10 and L-carnitine attenuate the effect of high LDL and oxidized LDL on spermatogenesis in male rats
S Ghanbarzadeh, A Garjani, M Ziaee, A Khorrami
Drug research 64 (10), 510-515, 2014
Effects of L-carnitine and coenzyme q10 on impaired spermatogenesis caused by isoproterenol in male rats
S Ghanbarzadeh, A Garjani, M Ziaee, A Khorrami
Drug research 64 (09), 449-453, 2014
Polyphenols targeting diabetes via the AMP-activated protein kinase pathway; future approach to drug discovery
S Momtaz, A Salek-Maghsoudi, AH Abdolghaffari, E Jasemi, ...
Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 2019
The impact of Allopurinol on patients with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction undergoing thrombolytic therapy.
A Separham, S Ghaffari, H Najafi, R Ghaffari, M Ziaee, Babaei,Hossein.
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2016
Clavulanic acid exhibits anti-inflammatory effects on carrageenan-induced paw edema model of inflammation in rats
A Banani, N Maleki-Dizaji, A Garjani, H Soraya, S Mostafalou, M Ziaee
Annals of Biological Research 3 (7), 3312-20, 2012
Dietary cholesterol and oxidised cholesterol: effects on sperm characteristics, antioxidant status and hormonal profile in rats
A Khorrami, S Ghanbarzadeh, M Ziaee, S Arami, R Vajdi, A Garjani
Andrologia 47 (3), 310-317, 2015
Synthesis of a Novel Siliconized Analog of Clofibrate (Silafibrate) and Comparison of their Anti-inflammatory Activities
M Ziaee, M Samini, M Bolourtchian, M Ghaffarzadeh, M Ahmadi, ...
Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2011
Biphasic effects of atorvastatin on inflammation
A Garjani, S Andalib, M Ziaee, N Maleki-Dizaji
Pak J Pharm Sci 21, 125-30, 2008
A systematic review on the cardiovascular pharmacology of Emblica officinalis Gaertn.
F Hashem-Dabaghian, M Ziaee, S Ghaffari, F Nabati, S Kianbakht
Journal of cardiovascular and thoracic research 10 (3), 118, 2018
The effects of essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia on sperm parameters quality and reproductive hormones in rats exposed to cadmium
M Hamidia, M Ziaee, M Delashoub, M Hamidi, M Marjani, F Karimitabar, ...
Journal of Reports in Pharmaceutical Sciences 4 (2), 121-128, 2015
Cytoprotective effects of silafibrate, a newly-synthesised siliconated derivative of clofibrate, against acetaminophen‑induced toxicity in isolated rat hepatocytes
S Nafisi, R Heidari, M Ghaffarzadeh, M Ziaee, H Hamzeiy, A Garjani, ...
Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju 65 (2), 169-177, 2014
Comparison of the Effects of Clofibrate and Silafibrate on sperm parameters quality and sex hormones in male rats
M Delashoub, M Ziaee, A Khorrami, SM Banan-Khojasteh
Urology journal 15 (2), 38-43, 2018
Cardiovascular complications of chronic opium consumption: A narrative review article
M Ziaee, R Hajizadeh, A Khorrami, N Sepehrvand, S Momtaz, S Ghaffari
Iranian journal of public health 48 (12), 2154, 2019
Predictive value of endocan based on TIMI risk score on major adverse cardiovascular events after acute coronary syndrome
M Ziaee, S Mashayekhi, S Ghaffari, J Mahmoudi, P Sarbakhsh, A Garjani
Angiology 70 (10), 952-959, 2019
In vitro inhibition of platelets aggregation with generic form of clopidogrel versus branded in patients with stable angina pectoris
R Hajizadeh, S Ghaffari, M Ziaee, B Shokouhi, A Separham, P Sarbakhsh
Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Research 9 (4), 191-195, 2018
An analytical review on probable anti-parkinsonian effect of modafinil
M Farhoudi, S Sadigh-Eteghad, S Andalib, MS Vafaee, M Ziaee, ...
Journal of Research in Clinical Medicine 1 (2), 58-62, 2013
Topical application of Teucrium polium can improve wound healing in diabetic rats
H Fallah Huseini, E Jasemi, M Yaghoubi, AH Abdolghaffari, M Ziaee
International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, 2019
Diagnostic value of tumor biomarkers CA125 and CA72-4 in differentiation of epithelial ovarian cancer and endometrioma.
M Jafari Shobeiri, F Sepasi, A Dastranj Tabrizi, P Mostafa Gharabaghi, ...
Biomedical Research 29 (8), 1697-1701, 2018
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