Diomedes Logothetis
Diomedes Logothetis
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University
Потвърден имейл адрес: northeastern.edu
Individual neurons dissociated from rat suprachiasmatic nucleus express independently phased circadian firing rhythms
DK Welsh, DE Logothetis, M Meister, SM Reppert
Neuron 14 (4), 697-706, 1995
The βγ subunits of GTP-binding proteins activate the muscarinic K+ channel in heart
DE Logothetis, Y Kurachi, J Galper, EJ Neer, DE Clapham
Nature 325 (6102), 321-326, 1987
Elementary properties and pharmacological sensitivities of calcium channels in mammalian peripheral neurons
MR Plummer, DE Logothetis, P Hess
Neuron 2 (5), 1453-1463, 1989
PI(4,5)P2 regulates the activation and desensitization of TRPM8 channels through the TRP domain
T Rohács, CMB Lopes, I Michailidis, DE Logothetis
Nature neuroscience 8 (5), 626-634, 2005
PIP2 activates KCNQ channels, and its hydrolysis underlies receptor-mediated inhibition of M currents
H Zhang, LC Craciun, T Mirshahi, T Rohács, CMB Lopes, T Jin, ...
Neuron 37 (6), 963-975, 2003
Alterations in conserved Kir channel-PIP2 interactions underlie channelopathies
CMB Lopes, H Zhang, T Rohacs, T Jin, J Yang, DE Logothetis
Neuron 34 (6), 933-944, 2002
Activation of inwardly rectifying K+ channels by distinct PtdIns (4, 5) P2 interactions
H Zhang, C He, X Yan, T Mirshahi, DE Logothetis
Nature cell biology 1 (3), 183-188, 1999
A region of adenylyl cyclase 2 critical for regulation by G protein βγ subunits
J Chen, M DeVivo, J Dingus, A Harry, J Li, J Sui, DJ Carty, JL Blank, ...
Science 268 (5214), 1166-1169, 1995
Decoding the signaling of a GPCR heteromeric complex reveals a unifying mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs
M Fribourg, JL Moreno, T Holloway, D Provasi, L Baki, R Mahajan, G Park, ...
Cell 147 (5), 1011-1023, 2011
Activation of the atrial KACh channel by the βγ subunits of G proteins or intracellular Na+ ions depends on the presence of phosphatidylinositol phosphates
JL Sui, J Petit-Jacques, DE Logothetis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (3), 1307-1312, 1998
Receptor-mediated hydrolysis of plasma membrane messenger PIP2 leads to K+-current desensitization
E Kobrinsky, T Mirshahi, H Zhang, T Jin, DE Logothetis
Nature cell biology 2 (8), 507-514, 2000
Characteristic interactions with phosphatidylinositol 4, 5-bisphosphate determine regulation of kir channels by diverse modulators
X Du, H Zhang, C Lopes, T Mirshahi, T Rohacs, DE Logothetis
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (36), 37271-37281, 2004
PIP2 hydrolysis underlies agonist‐induced inhibition and regulates voltage gating of two‐pore domain K+ channels
CMB Lopes, T Rohács, G Czirják, T Balla, P Enyedi, DE Logothetis
The Journal of physiology 564 (1), 117-129, 2005
Specificity of activation by phosphoinositides determines lipid regulation of Kir channels
T Rohács, CMB Lopes, T Jin, PP Ramdya, Z Molnár, DE Logothetis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (2), 745-750, 2003
Distinct specificities of inwardly rectifying K+ channels for phosphoinositides
T Rohács, J Chen, GD Prestwich, DE Logothetis
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (51), 36065-36072, 1999
N-terminal transmembrane domain of the SUR controls trafficking and gating of Kir6 channel subunits
KW Chan, H Zhang, DE Logothetis
The EMBO journal 22 (15), 3833-3843, 2003
Incremental reductions of positive charge within the S4 region of a voltage-gated K+ channel result in corresponding decreases in gating charge
DE Logothetis, S Movahedi, C Satler, K Lindpaintner, B Nadal-Ginard
Neuron 8 (3), 531-540, 1992
Specificity of action of guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory protein subunits on the cardiac muscarinic K+ channel.
DE Logothetis, DH Kim, JK Northup, EJ Neer, DE Clapham
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 85 (16), 5814-5818, 1988
Visualization of a Functional Gαq-Green Fluorescent Protein Fusion in Living Cells: ASSOCIATION WITH THE PLASMA MEMBRANE IS DISRUPTED BY MUTATIONAL ACTIVATION AND BY …
TE Hughes, H Zhang, DE Logothetis, CH Berlot
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (6), 4227-4235, 2001
Gating mechanism of a cloned potassium channel expressed in frog oocytes and mammalian cells
G Koren, ER Liman, DE Logothetis, B Nadal-Ginard, P Hess
Neuron 4 (1), 39-51, 1990
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