Marianne Holmer
Marianne Holmer
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Seagrass ecosystems as a globally significant carbon stock
JW Fourqurean, CM Duarte, H Kennedy, N Marbà, M Holmer, MA Mateo, ...
Nature geoscience 5 (7), 505-509, 2012
Sulphate reduction and sulphur cycling in lake sediments: a review
M Holmer, P Storkholm
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Seagrass sediments as a global carbon sink: Isotopic constraints
H Kennedy, J Beggins, CM Duarte, JW Fourqurean, M Holmer, N Marbà, ...
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Will the oceans help feed humanity?
CM Duarte, M Holmer, Y Olsen, D Soto, N Marbà, J Guiu, K Black, ...
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Impact of marine fish cage farming on metabolism and sulfate reduction of underlying sediments.
M Holmer, E Kristensen
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Rapid domestication of marine species
CM Duarte, N Marbá, M Holmer
Science 316 (5823), 382-383, 2007
An overview of ecological status, vulnerability and future perspectives of European large shallow, semi-enclosed coastal systems, lagoons and transitional waters
A Newton, J Icely, S Cristina, A Brito, AC Cardoso, F Colijn, S Dalla Riva, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 140, 95-122, 2014
Decomposition of plant materials in marine sediment exposed to different electron acceptors (O2, NO3−, and SO42−), with emphasis on substrate origin, degradation kinetics, and …
E Kristensen, M Holmer
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Environmental issues of fish farming in offshore waters: perspectives, concerns and research needs
M Holmer
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Global biogeochemical cycles
GV Wolfe
Academic press, 1992
Photosynthetic and growth response of eelgrass to low oxygen and high sulfide concentrations during hypoxic events
M Holmer, EJ Bondgaard
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Towards a classification of organic enrichment in marine sediments based on biogeochemical indicators
BT Hargrave, M Holmer, CP Newcombe
Marine Pollution Bulletin 56 (5), 810-824, 2008
Habitat cascades: the conceptual context and global relevance of facilitation cascades via habitat formation and modification
MS Thomsen, T Wernberg, A Altieri, F Tuya, D Gulbransen, KJ McGlathery, ...
Integrative and Comparative Biology 50 (2), 158-175, 2010
Effects of two polychaete worms, Nereis diversicolor and Arenicola marina, on aerobic and anaerobic decomposition in a sandy marine sediment
GT Banta, M Holmer, MH Jensen, E Kristensen
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Effects of fish farm waste on Posidonia oceanica meadows: synthesis and provision of monitoring and management tools
M Holmer, M Argyrou, T Dalsgaard, R Danovaro, E Diaz-Almela, ...
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Organic enrichment from marine finfish aquaculture and effects on sediment biogeochemical processes
M Holmer, D Wildish, B Hargrave
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Carbon and nitrogen mineralization in sediments of the Bangrong mangrove area, Phuket, Thailand
E Kristensen, FØ Andersen, N Holmboe, M Holmer, N Thongtham
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Seagrass beds and coastal biogeochemistry
AWD LARKUM, RJ ORTH, CM DUARTE, N Marbà, M Holmer, E Gacia, ...
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Effects of benthic fauna on organic matter mineralization in fish-farm sediments: importance of size and abundance
AC Heilskov, M Holmer
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Long-term changes in area distribution of eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Danish coastal waters
M Frederiksen, D Krause-Jensen, M Holmer, JS Laursen
Aquatic Botany 78 (2), 167-181, 2004
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