David J Craik
David J Craik
Потвърден имейл адрес: imb.uq.edu.au
The future of peptide‐based drugs
DJ Craik, DP Fairlie, S Liras, D Price
Chemical biology & drug design 81 (1), 136-147, 2013
Ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptide natural products: overview and recommendations for a universal nomenclature
PG Arnison, MJ Bibb, G Bierbaum, AA Bowers, TS Bugni, G Bulaj, ...
Natural product reports 30 (1), 108-160, 2013
Plant cyclotides: A unique family of cyclic and knotted proteins that defines the cyclic cystine knot structural motif.
DJ Craik, NL Daly, T Bond, C Waine
Journal of molecular biology 294 (5), 1327, 1999
Solution Structure of Amyloid β-Peptide(1−40) in a Water−Micelle Environment. Is the Membrane-Spanning Domain Where We Think It Is?,
M Coles, W Bicknell, AA Watson, DP Fairlie, DJ Craik
Biochemistry 37 (31), 11064-11077, 1998
Functional group contributions to drug-receptor interactions
PR Andrews, DJ Craik, JL Martin
Journal of medicinal chemistry 27 (12), 1648-1657, 1984
A common structural motif incorporating a cystine knot and a triple‐stranded β‐sheet in toxic and inhibitory polypeptides
PK Pallaghy, RS Norton, KJ Nielsen, DJ Craik
Protein Science 3 (10), 1833-1839, 2008
Thermal, chemical, and enzymatic stability of the cyclotide kalata B1: the importance of the cyclic cystine knot
ML Colgrave, DJ Craik
Biochemistry 43 (20), 5965-5975, 2004
The cystine knot motif in toxins and implications for drug design
DJ Craik, NL Daly, C Waine
Toxicon 39 (1), 43-60, 2001
Biosynthesis and insecticidal properties of plant cyclotides: The cyclic knotted proteins from Oldenlandia affinis
C Jennings, J West, C Waine, D Craik, M Anderson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (19), 10614-10619, 2001
Elucidation of the primary and three-dimensional structure of the uterotonic polypeptide kalata B1
O Saether, DJ Craik, ID Campbell, K Sletten, J Juul, DG Norman
Biochemistry 34 (13), 4147-4158, 1995
Protein disulfide isomerase: the structure of oxidative folding
CW Gruber, M Čemažar, B Heras, JL Martin, DJ Craik
Trends in biochemical sciences 31 (8), 455-464, 2006
Twists, knots, and rings in proteins: structural definition of the cyclotide framework
KJ Rosengren, NL Daly, MR Plan, C Waine, DJ Craik
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (10), 8606-8616, 2003
Circular proteins—no end in sight
M Trabi, DJ Craik
Trends in biochemical sciences 27 (3), 132-138, 2002
ConoServer: updated content, knowledge, and discovery tools in the conopeptide database
Q Kaas, R Yu, AH Jin, S Dutertre, DJ Craik
Nucleic acids research 40 (D1), D325-D330, 2012
Seamless proteins tie up their loose ends
DJ Craik
Science 311 (5767), 1563-1564, 2006
Accurate de novo design of hyperstable constrained peptides
G Bhardwaj, VK Mulligan, CD Bahl, JM Gilmore, PJ Harvey, O Cheneval, ...
Nature 538 (7625), 329-335, 2016
The engineering of an orally active conotoxin for the treatment of neuropathic pain
RJ Clark, J Jensen, ST Nevin, BP Callaghan, DJ Adams, DJ Craik
Angewandte Chemie 37 (122), 6695-6698, 2010
Low-molecular-weight peptidic and cyclic antagonists of the receptor for the complement factor C5a
AM Finch, AK Wong, NJ Paczkowski, SK Wadi, DJ Craik, DP Fairlie, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 42 (11), 1965-1974, 1999
CyBase: a database of cyclic protein sequences and structures, with applications in protein discovery and engineering
CKL Wang, Q Kaas, L Chiche, DJ Craik
Nucleic acids research 36 (suppl_1), D206-D210, 2007
Microcin J25 has a threaded sidechain-to-backbone ring structure and not a head-to-tail cyclized backbone
KJ Rosengren, RJ Clark, NL Daly, U Göransson, A Jones, DJ Craik
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (41), 12464-12474, 2003
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