Jeongyong Kim
Jeongyong Kim
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High‐detectivity multilayer MoS2 phototransistors with spectral response from ultraviolet to infrared
W Choi, MY Cho, A Konar, JH Lee, GB Cha, SC Hong, S Kim, J Kim, ...
Advanced materials 24 (43), 5832, 2012
Lung function changes in Sprague-Dawley rats after prolonged inhalation exposure to silver nanoparticles
JH Sung, JH Ji, JU Yoon, DS Kim, MY Song, J Jeong, BS Han, JH Han, ...
Inhalation toxicology 20 (6), 567-574, 2008
Confocal absorption spectral imaging of MoS 2: optical transitions depending on the atomic thickness of intrinsic and chemically doped MoS 2
KP Dhakal, DL Duong, J Lee, H Nam, M Kim, M Kan, YH Lee, J Kim
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Biexciton Emission from Edges and Grain Boundaries of Triangular WS2 Monolayers
MS Kim, SJ Yun, Y Lee, C Seo, GH Han, KK Kim, YH Lee, J Kim
ACS nano 10 (2), 2399-2405, 2016
Characterization of the structural defects in CVD-grown monolayered MoS 2 using near-field photoluminescence imaging
Y Lee, S Park, H Kim, GH Han, YH Lee, J Kim
Nanoscale 7 (28), 11909-11914, 2015
Local strain induced band gap modulation and photoluminescence enhancement of multilayer transition metal dichalcogenides
KP Dhakal, S Roy, H Jang, X Chen, WS Yun, H Kim, JD Lee, J Kim, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (12), 5124-5133, 2017
Atomic observation of filling vacancies in monolayer transition metal sulfides by chemically sourced sulfur atoms
S Roy, W Choi, S Jeon, DH Kim, H Kim, SJ Yun, Y Lee, J Lee, YM Kim, ...
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Shear-triggered crystallization and light emission of a thermally stable organic supercooled liquid
K Chung, MS Kwon, BM Leung, AG Wong-Foy, MS Kim, J Kim, ...
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Raman spectroscopy of ZnS nanostructures
JH Kim, H Rho, J Kim, YJ Choi, JG Park
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43 (7), 906-910, 2012
Augmented quantum yield of a 2D monolayer photodetector by surface plasmon coupling
S Bang, NT Duong, J Lee, YH Cho, HM Oh, H Kim, SJ Yun, C Park, ...
Nano letters 18 (4), 2316-2323, 2018
Spatially resolved photoluminescence in InGaN/GaN quantum wells by near-field scanning optical microscopy
MS Jeong, JY Kim, YW Kim, JO White, EK Suh, CH Hong, HJ Lee
Applied Physics Letters 79 (7), 976-978, 2001
Impeding Exciton–Exciton Annihilation in Monolayer WS2 by Laser Irradiation
Y Lee, G Ghimire, S Roy, Y Kim, C Seo, AK Sood, JI Jang, J Kim
ACS Photonics 5 (7), 2904-2911, 2018
Gate-Tunable Hole and Electron Carrier Transport in Atomically Thin Dual-Channel WSe2 /MoS2 Heterostructure for Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors.
I Lee, S Rathi, D Lim, L Li, J Park, Y Lee, KS Yi, KP Dhakal, J Kim, C Lee, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 28 (43), 9519-9525, 2016
Selective Amplification of the Primary Exciton in a Mo S 2 Monolayer
HS Lee, MS Kim, Y Jin, GH Han, YH Lee, J Kim
Physical review letters 115 (22), 226801, 2015
Bright light emission of a single polythiophene nanotube strand with a nanometer‐scale metal coating
J Joo, DH Park, MY Jeong, YB Lee, HS Kim, WJ Choi, QH Park, HJ Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (19), 2824-2829, 2007
Simultaneous Hosting of Positive and Negative Trions and the Enhanced Direct Band Emission in MoSe2/MoS2 Heterostacked Multilayers
JK Min Su Kim, Changwon Seo, Hyun Kim, Jubok Lee, Dinh Hoa Luong, Ji-Hoon ...
ACS Nano 10 (6), 6621, 2016
Efficient energy transfer (EnT) in pyrene-and porphyrin-based mixed-ligand metal–organic frameworks
KC Park, C Seo, G Gupta, J Kim, CY Lee
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (44), 38670-38677, 2017
Efficient Exciton–Plasmon Conversion in Ag Nanowire/Monolayer MoS2 Hybrids: Direct Imaging and Quantitative Estimation of Plasmon Coupling and Propagation
HS Lee, MS Kim, Y Jin, GH Han, YH Lee, J Kim
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (7), 943-947, 2015
Near-field spectral mapping of individual exciton complexes of monolayer WS 2 correlated with local defects and charge population
Y Lee, SJ Yun, Y Kim, MS Kim, GH Han, AK Sood, J Kim
Nanoscale 9 (6), 2272-2278, 2017
Complex nanoparticle of light-emitting MEH-PPV with Au: enhanced luminescence
MS Kim, DH Park, EH Cho, KH Kim, QH Park, H Song, DC Kim, J Kim, ...
ACS nano 3 (6), 1329-1334, 2009
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