Tina Manon-Jensen
Tina Manon-Jensen
Senior Director, Head of Clinical Laboratory
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The good and the bad collagens of fibrosis–their role in signaling and organ function
MA Karsdal, SH Nielsen, DJ Leeming, LL Langholm, MJ Nielsen, ...
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Proteoglycans in health and disease: the multiple roles of syndecan shedding
T Manon‐Jensen, Y Itoh, JR Couchman
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Biological interplay between proteoglycans and their innate immune receptors in inflammation
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Novel insights into the function and dynamics of extracellular matrix in liver fibrosis
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Collagen‐mediated hemostasis
T Manon‐Jensen, NG Kjeld, MA Karsdal
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Mapping of matrix metalloproteinase cleavage sites on syndecan‐1 and syndecan‐4 ectodomains
T Manon‐Jensen, HAB Multhaupt, JR Couchman
The FEBS journal 280 (10), 2320-2331, 2013
Syndecan-1 and syndecan-4 are independent indicators in breast carcinoma
ME Lendorf, T Manon-Jensen, P Kronqvist, HAB Multhaupt, ...
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Bimodal role of NADPH oxidases in the regulation of biglycan-triggered IL-1β synthesis
LTH Hsieh, H Frey, MV Nastase, C Tredup, A Hoffmann, C Poluzzi, ...
Matrix Biology 49, 61-81, 2016
Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome have different profiles of extracellular matrix turnover, which also reflects disease activity in Crohn’s disease
JH Mortensen, T Manon-Jensen, MD Jensen, P Hägglund, LG Klinge, ...
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Potential diagnostic value of a type X collagen neo-epitope biomarker for knee osteoarthritis
Y He, T Manon-Jensen, L Arendt-Nielsen, KK Petersen, T Christiansen, ...
Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 27 (4), 611-620, 2019
Lung tissue destruction by proteinase 3 and cathepsin G mediated elastin degradation is elevated in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
NS Gudmann, T Manon-Jensen, JMB Sand, C Diefenbach, S Sun, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 503 (3), 1284-1290, 2018
Enzymatic cross-linking of collagens in organ fibrosis–resolution and assessment
M Pehrsson, JH Mortensen, T Manon-Jensen, AC Bay-Jensen, ...
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 21 (10), 1049-1064, 2021
Tumstatin, a matrikine derived from collagen type IVα3, is elevated in serum from patients with non–small cell lung cancer
SH Nielsen, N Willumsen, S Brix, S Sun, T Manon-Jensen, M Karsdal, ...
Translational oncology 11 (2), 528-534, 2018
Serological biomarkers detect active joint destruction and inflammation in patients with haemophilic arthropathy
B Hua, EHN Olsen, S Sun, CN Gudme, L Wang, B Vandahl, K Roepstorff, ...
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Extracellular matrix fragments of the basement membrane and the interstitial matrix are serological markers of intestinal tissue remodeling and disease activity in dextran …
M Lindholm, T Manon-Jensen, GI Madsen, A Krag, MA Karsdal, ...
Digestive Diseases and Sciences 64, 3134-3142, 2019
A specific calprotectin neo-epitope [CPa9-HNE] in serum from inflammatory bowel disease patients is associated with neutrophil activity and endoscopic severity
JH Mortensen, D Sinkeviciute, T Manon-Jensen, V Domislović, K McCall, ...
Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 16 (9), 1447-1460, 2022
Type IV collagen turnover is predictive of mortality in COPD: a comparison to fibrinogen in a prospective analysis of the ECLIPSE cohort
SR Rønnow, JMB Sand, LL Langholm, T Manon-Jensen, MA Karsdal, ...
Respiratory Research 20, 1-10, 2019
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