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Supersensitive detection of explosives by silicon nanowire arrays
Y Engel, R Elnathan, A Pevzner, G Davidi, E Flaxer, F Patolsky
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (38), 6830-6835, 2010
Biorecognition layer engineering: overcoming screening limitations of nanowire-based FET devices
R Elnathan, M Kwiat, A Pevzner, Y Engel, L Burstein, A Khatchtourints, ...
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Following aptamer− thrombin binding by force measurements
B Basnar, R Elnathan, I Willner
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Supersensitive fingerprinting of explosives by chemically modified nanosensors arrays
A Lichtenstein, E Havivi, R Shacham, E Hahamy, R Leibovich, A Pevzner, ...
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Si nanowires forest-based on-chip biomolecular filtering, separation and preconcentration devices: nanowires do it all
V Krivitsky, LC Hsiung, A Lichtenstein, B Brudnik, R Kantaev, R Elnathan, ...
Nano letters 12 (9), 4748-4756, 2012
Knocking down highly-ordered large-scale nanowire arrays
A Pevzner, Y Engel, R Elnathan, T Ducobni, M Ben-Ishai, K Reddy, ...
Nano letters 10 (4), 1202-1208, 2010
Engineering vertically aligned semiconductor nanowire arrays for applications in the life sciences
R Elnathan, M Kwiat, F Patolsky, NH Voelcker
Nano Today 9 (2), 172-196, 2014
Endonuclease-based logic gates and sensors using magnetic force-amplified readout of DNA scission on cantilevers
Y Weizmann, R Elnathan, O Lioubashevski, I Willner
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (36), 12666-12672, 2005
The aggregation of Au nanoparticles by an autonomous DNA machine detects viruses
MK Beissenhirtz, R Elnathan, Y Weizmann, I Willner
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Porous silicon nanodiscs for targeted drug delivery
H Alhmoud, B Delalat, R Elnathan, A Cifuentes‐Rius, A Chaix, ML Rogers, ...
Advanced functional materials 25 (7), 1137-1145, 2015
Confinement-guided shaping of semiconductor nanowires and nanoribbons:“Writing with nanowires”
A Pevzner, Y Engel, R Elnathan, A Tsukernik, Z Barkay, F Patolsky
Nano letters 12 (1), 7-12, 2011
Highly Ordered Large-Scale Neuronal Networks of Individual Cells–Toward Single Cell to 3D Nanowire Intracellular Interfaces
M Kwiat, R Elnathan, A Pevzner, A Peretz, B Barak, H Peretz, T Ducobni, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (7), 3542-3549, 2012
Fully tunable silicon nanowire arrays fabricated by soft nanoparticle templating
BM Rey, R Elnathan, R Ditcovski, K Geisel, M Zanini, ...
Nano letters 16 (1), 157-163, 2015
Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry using ordered silicon nanopillar arrays
HZ Alhmoud, TM Guinan, R Elnathan, H Kobus, NH Voelcker
Analyst 139 (22), 5999-6009, 2014
Non-covalent monolayer-piercing anchoring of lipophilic nucleic acids: preparation, characterization, and sensing applications
M Kwiat, R Elnathan, M Kwak, JW de Vries, A Pevzner, Y Engel, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (1), 280-292, 2011
Dense arrays of uniform submicron pores in silicon and their applications
D Brodoceanu, R Elnathan, B Prieto-Simón, B Delalat, T Guinan, E Kroner, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (2), 1160-1169, 2015
Maximizing transfection efficiency of vertically aligned silicon nanowire arrays
R Elnathan, B Delalat, D Brodoceanu, H Alhmoud, FJ Harding, K Buehler, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (46), 7215-7225, 2015
Versatile particle-based route to engineer vertically aligned silicon nanowire arrays and nanoscale pores
R Elnathan, L Isa, D Brodoceanu, A Nelson, FJ Harding, B Delalat, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (42), 23717-23724, 2015
Synthesis of hybrid multicomponent disklike nanoparticles
R Elnathan, R Kantaev, F Patolsky
Nano letters 8 (11), 3964-3972, 2008
Magnetomechanical detection of the specific activities of endonucleases by cantilevers
Y Weizmann, R Elnathan, O Lioubashevski, I Willner
Nano letters 5 (4), 741-744, 2005
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